New York Yankees fans have been particularly upset at the Houston Astros after sign-stealing allegations, an investigation and an eventual punishment. They missed the chance to go to the World Series last season after losing to the Astros in the ALCS, and fans are looking back wondering what could have been. Anyone who bet on the Yankees is also likely to feel a bit angry at the Astros, because their "what could have been" has some tangible value to it as well.

One sportsbook has decided to make those people feel a little better about the situation and is refunding Yankees bettors. PointsBet Sportsbook, taking bets out of New Jersey and Iowa, announced on Friday that due to the sign-stealing scandal their 
"Good Karma Kommittee" is here to make things right. 

They tweeted out, "The Astros cheated. The Yankees lost. PointsBet is refunding ALL Yankees AL Futures and World Series Futures Bets in full! Yep. We got you #Yankees fans!"

CEO of PointsBet USA Johnny Aitken said to CBS Sports in a statement regarding the payout:

"Given the latest developments in this wild story, we think it's only right to do our part and give back to all the Yankees bettors who now feel cheated in retrospect. We've always been aggressive with our Good Karma Payouts, but this one is simple. The fallout of this scandal may linger a bit for the MLB, but we won't let it linger for PointsBet clients."

The company informed CBS Sports that the bets get refunded in the form of bonus bets. Anyone who previously filed a bet gets a notification that informs them the PointsBet Karma Kommittee issued a refund and it goes directly into their account.

The brilliant PR move will not just get them more publicity, but also give them a better relationship with their bettors.

It is also something they have done before. After the NFC Championship game between the New Orleans Saints and Los Angeles Rams after the non-pass interference call cause mayhem in the NFL world. 

They also came to the rescue for bettors after Game 5 of the Stanley Cup Final between the St. Louis Blues and Boston Bruins over a missed tripping call.