Trevor Story wasn't supposed to make the Rockies. Nonetheless, the former supplemental first-round pick overcame the odds and earned the starting shortstop position in Jose Reyes' absence. He even secured the no. 2 spot in the Rockies' Opening Day lineup -- an assignment that looked less-than-promising on paper, given the Rockies were facing the Zack Greinke-led Diamondbacks.

You might expect this to be the part where Greinke shows the rookie a thing or two about the differences between the majors and Triple-A. Nope. Instead it was Story who had the better night. Not only did he take a Greinke fastball out to right field in the third inning, but he later got hold of a changeup, sending it into the left-field bleachers for his second home run of the night:

There's never been any doubting Story's power potential, thanks to his quick bat and natural strength. Still, the question is how much his pop will play due to his shaky approach and tendency to swing and miss. There's no telling what the answer will be over any length of time, but on Monday night, Story had himself a big-league debut to remember. And for now, that's all that matters.

Making it look easy.
Making it look easy. (USATSI)