Last week, the Braves unveiled "The Freeze" to the rest of the baseball world. The spandex wearing wonder would race fans on the SunTrust Park warning track between innings, and beat them despite giving them a massive head start.

Here is the first time we experienced The Freeze in all his glory:

A few days later, The Freeze smoked another racing fan, this time despite stumbling out of the gate:

The identify of The Freeze is no longer a mystery. That's usually how things work nowadays, right? There aren't many secrets in the internet age.

According to Dan Roth of the Washington Post, The Freeze is 26-year-old Georgia native Nigel Talton, who has worked on the Braves grounds crew since 2012 and was a track star in college. From Roth:

Talton ran for Iowa Wesleyan, where he broke a 23-year-old record during his freshman year before transferring to Shorter University. The first chance to showcase his running prowess for the Braves organization came during one of the final games at Turner Field last season, in another between-innings contest — usually reserved for fans — called the stolen base challenge.

To win, fans had to run from the left field corner, grab a base in the outfield behind second and bring it back to the start within 20 seconds. Talton had plenty of time to spare.

"I did it in like 13 or 14 seconds," Talton said. "Then [the Braves organization] contacted me and said, 'Hey, we've got a new thing that we're trying to do at the new stadium. Are you interested?' I said, 'Sure, I like to run.' "

Real talk: The Freeze bit was better when his identity remained a mystery. It's cool that Talton is getting his moment in the spotlight, he's worked hard for it. But I enjoyed the mystery behind The Freeze.