How was your weekend? Odds are it was better than the Giants'. Let's run it down. 

  • Friday night: Giants lose to the Reds, 13-3.
  • Saturday night: Giants lose to the Reds, 14-2.
  • Sunday afternoon: Giants lose to the Reds, 4-0, getting shut out by Scott Feldman

So they were outscored 31-5 by the Reds in three games, dropping them to 11-21, which is the worst record in the National League. 

There's more: 

According to Andrew Baggarly of, the players boarded the staff bus with Giants announcer Dave Flemming and others while the players' equipment was loaded onto that bus and they all headed to the airport together. I'm guessing it was a little cramped, but at least it sounds like they were able to get everyone.

The Giants now head to New York, fittingly, to face off against the Mets, who haven't been strangers to on- and off-field problems themselves in 2017.