If you're a baseball player who chooses to trash talk a Yankees player, or any player really, it's a good idea to back it up with your play. Twins' first baseman Logan Morrison is learning that the hard way.

If you recall, Morrison was not pleased last season when he was not invited to the Home Run Derby despite having the best first half of his career in the home run department. Instead, Yankees catcher Gary Sanchez got the invite despite having hit fewer home runs than him. LoMo was not shy about voicing his displeasure and picked Sanchez as the target of his frustration. 

Fast forward to this season, Morrison is batting a pedestrian .103 with the Twins and he was fully prepared to face the wrath of Yankee fans in his first visit to The Bronx of the year on Monday night. "I've heard a lot of stuff but it's not original," Morrison said prior to the series, per the St. Paul Pioneer Press. "It's 'you suck,' all that kind of stuff. I mean, they'll boo me, but other than that …"

He added "They didn't like the Gary Sanchez thing with the Home Run Derby," before evoking the great Ron White in his ultimate Yankee fan takedown. "But you can't fix stupid, you know?" 

Morrison has spent a lot of time talking about this, but he'll need to get better if he's going to keep it up. He's 1-for-6 in this series against the Yankees and Twins have lost the last two games by a cumulative score of 22-4.

Sanchez, by the way, hit a pair of home runs against Morrison's Twins on Tuesday night.