Blue Jays manager John Gibbons didn't do a whole lot of managing last week, at least when it comes to doing so from the dugout. He was tossed by epic ejector Joe West on Sunday, capping off quite the eight-game stretch.

Going back to Sunday the 15th, Gibbons was thrown out here:

One might recall that later in the game was the huge brawl between the Rangers and the Blue Jays. Gibbons came back out during it, which isn't allowed, and got himself a three-game suspension. It wasn't handed down until Tuesday, however, so on Monday Gibbons found occasion to be run from the game again:

As noted, Gibbons was suspended for three games and served Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. He managed to get through Friday and Saturday without ejection, but not Sunday:

That's quite a week of not managing, especially given that with replay we don't see nearly as many demonstrative displays from managers these days.