The 2017 College World Series in Omaha is almost set. Oregon State, LSU, TCU, Louisville, Florida State, Cal State Fullerton, and Texas A&M have already made it, and they'll soon be joined by Florida or Wake Forest, depending upon the outcome of that Super Regional. 

So what's it like to reach the pinnacle of college baseball. Thanks to some very excellent point-of-view video of Cal State Fullerton's recent celebratory scrum, you can get a taste of said glory. Here's the scene after the Titans closed out a taut 2-1 win over Long Beach State on Sunday and secured a trip to Omaha for the 18th time in program history. Prepare to dog-pile ... 

That's pretty excellent right there, and rarely will you see camera-work that gets you so close to the thrill of victory. 

Speaking of the College World Series, it gets underway on June 17, and we'll have it covered every step of the way.