Along with being an MLB All-Star and a Gold Glove winner, Yankees catcher Jose Trevino is a Texan. And this week the Corpus Christi native paid it forward with a Texas community he has held close to his heart for months.  

Trevino recently surprised the Uvalde Little League team with a trip to Six Flags in Arlington, Texas. They arrived in style and celebrated the same way, as Trevino took the kids in a stretch limo and had the park rented out for them. Here's a look at a day neither Trevino or the kids will forget anytime soon: 

Trevino seemed to have enjoyed a bit of everything at the park and did so with a smile, but he admitted he was "nervous" about the big roller coasters. He jokingly asked an employee to "make sure this is tight" as they put his restraint on, then he turned to a kid to his right and asked, "You wanna hold my hand" before the ride began. 

In addition to riding roller coasters with the kids, Trevino showed off his jumper on the park's basketball machine and handed out toys as part of Trevino's Toy Drive. Still, Trevino suggested his time with the Uvalde Little League team is far from over. 

"I plan on supporting them as much as I can, whatever they need, and whenever they need it," said Trevino, who started his career with the Rangers before earning AL All-Star honors and a Gold Glove in his first season with the Yankees in 2022. 

The Six Flags trip comes just over six months after an 18-year-old man shot and killed 19 children and two teachers at Uvalde's Robb Elementary, and Trevino is doing his part in healing the community.