Tuesday night the Yankees bested the Orioles (NYY 8, BAL 3) thanks to an offensive outburst against Chris Tillman. New York hit four home runs in the game and Tillman did not make it out of the third inning.

Those four home runs were hit by two players: Brett Gardner and Matt Holliday. They hit two apiece and are currently tied with 11 home runs on the season. Here are Tuesday's home runs:

Gardner and Holliday may be tied in the home run column right now, but they are very different players. Gardner is a leadoff hitter who, including this season, has hit 10-plus home runs only three times in 10 MLB seasons. Holliday has 306 career home runs and has hit as many as 36 in a single season.

Despite their differences as players, Gardner has a fun idea for a home run bet between the two players. Randy Miller of NJ.com has the details:

"The loser should have to grow his hair out for a month," Gardner said with a laugh. "Nobody wants to see that!"


Before his proposal, Gardner joked that he was "smart enough not to bet against a guy like (Holliday)."

Both Gardner and Holliday are, shall we say, follicly challenged. Here they are in the dugout after their first inning home runs:

It's been a few years since either guy sported a hairstyle that was something other than clean shaven. A bet that forces the loser to grow his hair out is either the best bad idea ever or the worst good idea ever. I'm not sure which one it is.