New York Yankees right-hander Domingo Germán was ejected from Tuesday's game against the Toronto Blue Jays (NYY 6, TOR 3) after being checked for foreign substances, but denied that he had run afoul of MLB's sticky stuff rules. Germán retired the first nine batters he faced, then was stopped when he came out to start the fourth inning. All four umpires were part of the inspection.

Crew chief James Hoye told reporters, including, Germán's hand was the "stickiest I've ever felt," and added it was "definitely not rosin."  Here is the inspection and the ejection:

"They felt it was too sticky and they ran him. Obviously it's not OK. But also we're talking, what is the line? So it's difficult," Yankees manager Aaron Boone said after the game. "And obviously it raised to a level -- and of course he's been in the crosshairs a bit -- but it was raised to a level that they didn't feel was good. And ultimately, that's Domingo's responsibility we're in a better position there."

On April 15, Germán was allowed to wash his hands and remain in a game against the Minnesota Twins. Three of the four umpires Tuesday -- Hoye, John Libka, and D.J. Reyburn -- were on the crew for the Twins game. Following that game, Hoye, the crew chief, explained that Germán was allowed to stay in because the level of stickiness on his hand was not excessive.

"This was not an ejectable offense because we didn't feel it rose to the foreign substance standard where it affected his pitching," Hoye told following that game. Germán insisted he only used rosin during that April 15 game, not an illegal substance.

For what it's worth, Germán's spin rates Tuesday night were right in line with his season averages. That does not mean Germán was not using foreign substances. It only means he was using them no more or no less than he has throughout the season. MLB does monitor pitches for spin rate variation to nab potential sticky stuff users.

"The umpire from first base (Reyburn) was the one that was pressing on my hand. He felt like it was too much, and he called over the other umpires to verify," Germán said through a translator, adding that a brown substance seen on his pants was chewing tobacco. "I didn't get a clear explanation at the moment. And then it ended up throwing me out of the game."

Foreign substance ejections come with an automatic 10-game suspension, though Germán will be able to appeal. New York Mets righty Max Scherzer was ejected and suspended 10 games for a foreign substance last month. He opted not to appeal and served the full 10-game ban. MLB has ramped up foreign substance enforcement this season.

Germán's ejection occurred during a rather intense game in which the Blue Jays dugout exchanged words with Yankees third base coach Luis Rojas regarding his position in the coach's box. Toronto was not happy with where Yankees coaches were stationed in Monday night's series opener.