Despite the fact that Los Angeles Lakers president Magic Johnson said Kobe Bryant could have any role he wants with the team and then hired Bryant’s former agent Rob Pelinka as general manager, it does not appear that Bryant is going to officially join the front office anytime soon. Bryant told the Los Angeles Times’ Tania Ganguli that he would, however, be easy to reach if the organization needs him.

“The Lakers are my family,” Bryant said. “I’ll always be available for Jeanie [Buss] and the whole organization. They know I’m only a phone call away.”

Bryant appeared at Pelinka’s introductory press conference on March 10 and Shaquille O’Neal’s statue unveiling on Friday. He has the ear of everybody with power in the franchise, and no one is more beloved among Lakers fans. Perhaps one day he will want to take on an advisory role or become an executive, but it doesn’t sound like that day is now. As things stand, he gets to show up to Lakers-related events whenever he wants and be treated like royalty, but he is in no way responsible for bringing the team back to prominence. 

It’s not like Bryant is just sitting around and doing nothing in retirement, anyway. He has said repeatedly that he is focused on storytelling, and he has several projects in the works.