If you were wondering why Lakers guard Nick Young has the nickname, "Swaggy P," look no further than his Instagram account.

It's filled with bizarre, fashion-forward (or backward?) outfits that truly make him one of a kind. On Saturday, however, he might have reached a new level.

Swaggy, presumably headed to a German beer festival, posted some photos of himself to his Instagram account wearing what might best be described as a cross between German lederhosen and something Steven Seagal would wear to a movie premiere.

Germany Lit fit

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Beer festival imma a real German 😂😂😂😂😂

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Young refers to this selection as "Germany lit fit." If there's one thing we've learned over his tenure in the NBA, it's that Swaggy P doesn't care what you think. More power to him.

Young's antics were getting a little old in Los Angeles before this past season, when new head coach Luke Walton empowered the gunner to actually start playing some defense. Young's overall game improved as a result, and his 40 percent 3-point shooting could earn him (and his extensive wardrobe) a pretty nice contract this summer if he chooses to opt out of his current deal.