Arsenal v Liverpool - FA Community Shield
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Arsenal striker Pierre Emerick-Aubameyang paid tribute to the death of actor Chadwick Boseman by doing his "Black Panther" celebration during Saturday's FA Community Shield match against Liverpool. The Gunners won in penalty kicks, with Aubameyang scoring his team's lone goal and the winning penalty kick. 

The Gunners took a 1-0 lead early in the match thanks to a fantastic curling shot from the French striker, and right after the goal he did the celebration.

Boseman, 43, died on Friday following a four-year battle with colon cancer. The talented actor rose to fame a King T'Challa, the Black Panther, in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Three of his first four film appearances came in sports films including playing Jackie Robinson in "42."

Take a look:

He's even done the celebration in the past with the actual mask:

After the match ended, he again did the celebration with the camera right up on him:

It's a touching tribute to an actor beloved by countless people, and it's probably only the start of sports celebrations honoring his life. With the NBA Playoffs set to resume on Saturday, more tributes are expected. Boseman participated in the 2018 NBA All-Star slam dunk contest by giving Indian Pacers guard Victor Oladipo his Black Panther mask to use on his dunk attempt.