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Neymar is one of the soccer's biggest stars and currently plays for one of the sport's biggest powerhouses in Paris Saint-Germain. However, Neymar could be eying a move to Major League Soccer down the road rather than returning to play in his home country of Brazil.

"I don't know, I have some doubts about that. I don't know if I'll play in Brazil again," Neymar, 30, said during a recent podcast appearance. "I'd love to play in the U.S. actually. I'd love to play there at least for a season."

Neymar added that he enjoyed the appeal of a shorter season in the MLS rather than in Europe, which could prolong his career. With a career in MLS, the Brazilian soccer star believes that he can "play many more years."

Two years ago, Neymar was actually approached by Inter Miami CF co-owner David Beckham about coming to play in the MLS

"So, I'm going to get you to sign a piece of paper after, a blank piece of paper. It's going to be a contract for Miami for 10 years time," Beckham said.

"I told him I will play there one day," Neymar added.

The 30-year old soccer star signed with FC Barcelona back in 2013 before signing with PSG in 2017 in one of the most expensive transfer fees in soccer history. Since arriving in Paris, Neymar has scored 60 goals with the Ligue 1 powerhouse as he's played alongside Kylian Mbappe and Lionel Messi. That trio is trying to lift PSG to their first Champions League title, and they'll continue that pursuit in the round of 16 second leg vs. Real Madrid next month on Paramount+.