The first ever UEFA Nations League group stage is now over, as all four leagues officially concluded play on Tuesday. Twelve teams have been promoted to a higher league and 12 have been relegated, including powerhouse Germany. Here's everything you need to know about the promotion and relegation of the cup, which has eliminated some friendlies with little meaning, providing teams another chance to qualify for Euro 2020. 

League A

Finalists: Switzerland, Portugal, England and Netherlands
Relegated: Germany, Iceland, Poland and Croatia
What to know: It's a bit of a surprising final four with France, Belgium and Spain missing out. The Netherlands and Switzerland surprised many by beating out France and Belgium, respectively. And now the final four will do battle next summer to earn a spot at Euro 2020. The draw is on Dec. 3. The teams remaining in League A along with the finalists are Spain, Belgium, Italy and France. The final four will see England as the favorite, but if Portugal gets Cristiano Ronaldo in the fold again, look out.

League B

Promoted:Ukraine, Russia, Denmark, and Bosnia and Herzegovina
Relegated: Slovakia, Turkey, Northern Ireland, Ireland
What to know:  A couple surprises, especially seeing Turkey get relegated. It will be interesting to see how these second-tier teams do in League A, but early on it feels like Russia and Denmark have the best chance of staying in the top flight due to their talent and experience building off their knockout stage appearances at the 2018 World Cup. When it comes to the favorite to win the Euro 2020 spot, it's a tie between Denmark and Russia.

League C

Promoted: Scotland, Finland, Norway, Serbia
Relegated: Estonia, Cyprus, Slovenia, Lithuania
What to know:  Serbia deservedly gets promoted and should be a real threat to get into the top flight, but dealing with the teams relegated from League A will be quite the challenge. Finland, Scotland and Norway will likely find it very challenging to stay up, but they'll be excited for the opportunity. As for who earns the spot at Euro, chances are it will be Serbia.

League D

Promoted: Georgia, Belarus, Kosovo, Macedonia
What to know: No teams were relegated as it's the lowest division. None of the four that were promoted are even considered moderately good teams on the European level, but they've done well to get where they are and have deserved the chance to fight for a spot at Euro 2020. As to the favorite, it's a toss up, really. Belarus will feel good about its chances but any of the four can pull it off.

What's next?

The finals for League A take place next summer from June 5-9. The other three leagues will conclude at the end of March with semifinals and a final, with the winners earning a spot at Euro 2020. The competition's next edition will be in 2020, and next year qualifying for Euro 2020 also begins. Many of those matches can be viewed on fuboTV (Try for free).  

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