U.S. Soccer has reached an agreement with the U.S. Women's National Team to resolve the non-compensation related claims raised in current litigation between the USWNT players and U.S. Soccer. 

The proposed settlement addressed the Title XII portion of USWNT case against U.S. Soccer and offers revised policies regarding four working conditions: charter flights, venue selection, professional support and hotel accommodations. The filing would avoid trial on those specific issues but would not end lawsuit as players intend to appeal of the court's ruling from May 1, 2020 regarding wage discrimination.

"We are pleased that the USWNT Players have fought for – and achieved – long overdue equal working conditions," said USWNT spokesperson Molly Levinson.

"We now intend to file our appeal to the Court's decision which does not account for the central fact in this case that women players have been paid at lesser rates than men who do the same job. We remain as committed as ever to our work to achieve the equal pay that we legally deserve. Our focus is on the future and ensuring we leave the game a better place for the next generation of women who will play for this team and this country."

The victory appears to be step in a larger picture of USWNT's on going fight for equality within the women's game and wage discrimination. U.S. Soccer President and former USWNT player Cindy Parlow Cone remains optimistic an agreement between the two sides is on the horizon.

"I believe our approach helped us reach this agreement and demonstrates the commitment of U.S. Soccer's new leadership to find a new way forward with the USWNT. This settlement is good news for everyone and I believe will serve as a springboard for continued progress," said Parlow Cone.

"As a former USWNT player, I can promise you that I am committed to equality between the USWNT and USMNT. My goal is, and has always been, to come to a resolution on all equal pay matters and inspire a new era of collaboration, partnership and trust between the USWNT and the Federation.  

Just as important, we want to work with the USWNT on growing women's soccer here in the United States and across the globe. Part of this is encouraging FIFA to invest equally in the men's and women's game, including increasing the World Cup prize money. I will lend my voice and efforts to making his happen not only for the USWNT, but for all women's national team players and everyone who believes in the women's game throughout the world."

The announcement comes off a recent win by USWNT over Netherlands last week. The USWNT took the pitch for the first time since March in a rematch of the 2019 World Cup final. After 261 days since their last time on the field, USWNT won the match 2-0.