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There is nothing like a good goalie goal, especially in soccer. Cobresal goalkeeper Leandro Requena accomplished that very feat in his team's 3-1 win over Colo-Colo in the top Chilean league on Saturday.

In the 77th minute of the match, with Cobresal leading 2-1, Requena lined up for a routine goal kick. Requena put a charge into his kick, and it carried well past midfield.

With his team down by a pair of goals, Colo-Colo goalkeeper Brayan Cortés was well out of his net, and he started to backpedal as Requena's kick drifted toward him. That's when Cortés stumbled, and the ball went bouncing past him and into the net.

Speaking with Radio Bio Bio, Requena said the altitude of Cobresal's stadium (2,400 meters above sea level) played a role in him being able to score from his own box.

"I wanted to take the kick quickly as we have done so many times at altitude, to try to catch the rival off guard and it came out a little stronger than normal," Requena said. "The first thing I did as soon as the ball left my foot was hold my head because there were two players in a clear position to counterattack and I realized that it had gone long. When I saw the bounce made it difficult for Brayan and it went past him, I thought the ball could go in."

Not only did Requena pull off a rare feat for a goalkeeper, but he might have also set a record for the longest goal in history. Guinness World Records is in the process of verifying the distance of Requena's goal, per TNT Sports Chile, and it needs to be longer than Tom King's current record of 96.01 meters, which was set in 2019.