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Once named "The Sexiest Doctor Alive" by People Magazine, Dr. Mike Varshavski made his professional boxing debut on the undercard of Saturday night's Jake Paul vs. Anderson Silva pay-per-view. Unfortunately for Varshavski, his skills were not up to the task as he was battered across four rounds before dropping a unanimous decision to mixed martial arts veteran Chris Avila.

Varshavski tried to work behind the jab from the opening bell, occasionally working to mix in a body shot or right hand. Varshavski didn't sit down on his punches and the lack of power allowed Avila to walk forward and let his hands go without much concern.

Avila, who has fought in both the UFC and Bellator MMA in his MMA career, found early success with looping right hands around the guard of Varshavksi. Those right hands piled up through the fight, bloodying Varshavski's nose and rocking him around the ring.

The overhand right almost put Varshavski down in the fourth round, but the doctor did score something of a moral victory by making it to the scorecards against a longtime combat athlete and teammate of Nate Diaz.

After four rounds of action, the three official scorecards read 40-36, all for Avila, who improves to 2-1 as a boxer.

"Props to Dr. Mike for taking the fight," Avila said. "No bad whatever towards him. I'm happy to get the win. I'd have liked to get the finish but it was a four-round fight."

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