Matchroom Boxing

After Logan Paul's split-decision loss to Olajide "KSI" Olatunji earlier this month, the YouTube star was already thinking about filing an appeal with the California State Athletic Commission. Paul received a rare two-point deduction for hitting KSI with an illegal shot as he scored a knockdown in the fourth round of their Nov. 9 clash at Staples Center.

"Originally I said, "no, no, no, stop, time" and I was going to do something," referee Jack Reiss explained of his decision. "I gave JJ as much time as he needed to get back to his full strength and recover to level the playing field, and then I told [the judges] to score the knockdown and then take away two points for the illegal blow and the playing field was then leveled.

"Two points for the knockdown, two points he took away. Whoever goes out and wins that round, wins that round. Trying to keep it fair and keep it going."

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Now, Paul has revealed that he will launch an official appeal of the decision, citing support he has received from the online community.

"Every day, I get passed by people, I get phone calls, texts, tagged in some video online that says, 'Yo, Logan, you didn't lose that fight. That was bulls---, the ref made an erroneous call, or it was misinterpreted by the judges," Paul said in a YouTube video. "I thought you won the fight.' I've received a slew of extremely one-sided opinions about the outcome of the fight. Being 100 percent honest with you, I have not heard or seen one comment, not even from KSI's side or the British fans, that have said the two points was the right call."

Without the point deduction, Paul would have left the ring as the winner. With a more standard deduction of a single point, the fight would have been a draw -- possibly a more desirable outcome for the fighters and promoters because it would have almost guaranteed a professional rematch with huge financial benefits for all involved.

After KSI was declared the winner, he shot down the idea of a third fight between the two. The men had met first as amateurs in 2018, selling out Manchester Arena in Manchester, England, for a fight that ended as a draw. The rematch did huge business in Los Angeles, and a third fight would likely be even bigger on the heels of the controversy of the first two battles.

"This is a plea to the California State Athletic Commission," Paul said. "I would just hope that you guys give this the weight that I think it deserves because I fear that we aren't real professional fighters, it may be overlooked, but I know this means a lot to me, my team, my friends and most importantly my fans.

"Even if the outcome doesn't come back in my favor, please treat it as a normal boxing appeal. I don't mind losing, especially to JJ. He is a worthy adversary, and I can't wait to see what he does next, and I wish him only the greatest success, but if I don't stand up for something that I feel is right, what kind of f---ing man am I?"