The insatiable itch for competition and general physical activity never stays dormant for long among the best of the best, and this period of self-quarantine certainly likely serves as an accelerant for the return of such desires. The latest example of this comes from 53-year-old former heavyweight champ, Mike Tyson.

In an Instagram Live session with rapper T.I., Iron Mike told the Atlanta artist that he's started getting into fighting shape again. This isn't just for some desire to maintain a certain level of health at his age, Tyson legitimately wants to get back in the ring and start boxing again.

The good news for those concerned about the boxer is that this isn't an entirely delusional plan. Tyson said that his goal is to participate in three to four-round exhibition bouts for charity -- the ex-heavyweight champ added his charitable focus would be for those affected by drugs and homelessness.

It's certainly a more sensible mindset to have given that Tyson surely knows some part of his image is at stake whenever he steps into a ring to fight, regardless of the rules he's fighting under. As he recounted to T.I., the workload isn't anything to scoff at.

"I do about two hours on cardio, I do the bike and I do the treadmill for an hour. Then I do some light weights - 300, 250 reps," Tyson said. "Then I start my day with the boxing thing. Then I go in there and hit the mitts for like 30 minutes, 25 minutes. Gotta get in better condition."

You can watch the entire conversation between Tyson and T.I. below.