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Tyson Fury wanted to do everything he could to prepare for his fight against Deontay Wilder on Saturday night in Las Vegas and that means adjusting his diet. For most people, this means cutting out dessert or maybe mixing in some protein, but for Fury it means eliminating soda. A lot of soda.

Fury was not a casual soda drinker, he drank it like someone dared him he couldn't. We are talking Hall of Fame numbers, consuming 20-30 sodas a day. 

He said (via ESPN):

"It's just something, a little sacrifice more. I love me Diet Cokes. And I was having, I don't know, 20, 30 in a day sometimes…. It is a little ridiculous, but you know, whatever. So I cut them out. I took them away from myself. I took everything that I held dear, everything that I like, I took it out of my life."

I hope he means 12 ounce cans and not 20 ounce bottles ...

This amount of soda is hard to put into perspective, so let me break it down a bit. 

According to statista.com, the average time a an adult from the United Kingdom is awake is 15 hours and 39 minutes. Meaning Fury averages nearly 2 sodas an hour he is up.

If we are talking cans, that's three gallons a day. 

Is all he does drink soda? Does he do anything else? Is this part of some competition we don't know about? I have many questions. 

While this whole thing is borderline unbelievable, you have to commend him for being about to quit cold turkey like that when he wanted to. 

Cutting out soda is not the only change he's made when it comes to preparing for the rematch of the 2018 draw.

"I've been away in Las Vegas for 10 weeks by the time the fight comes around. I've not had my wife here, my kids, I've not had no drinks, I've not had nothing," he said. "I've not put a single object in my mouth that shouldn't have been there. The only thing I put in is what the nutritionist wrote on a piece of paper."

I imagine win, lose or draw on Saturday, he will enjoy a cold glass of Diet Coke after the fight.