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Despite lingering lawsuits over licensing rights, it seems as if the EA Sports College Football video game is still on pace to hit its target release date. EA is still moving forward with its plans to release next summer, On3 reports

"We're incredibly excited to bring back an authentic college football experience for fans and athletes that have shown such passion for the franchise, and we're looking forward to delivering it in Summer 2024," an Electronic Arts spokesperson said. 

The Brandr Group, which negotiates group licensing deals for dozens of Division I schools, filed a lawsuit against EA in June. EA reportedly contacted the Brandr Group from 2021-22 to discuss its plans to offer NIL deals to athletes. However, in May, EA chose to work with OneTeam Partners to facilitate any group bargaining. 

The Brandr Group argued that it should still be allowed to negotiate any contracts or deals for athletes at the schools it represents. It also made the claim that EA's decision to offer the ability to opt in to a deal that does not include the Brandr Group was "tortious interference." 

Last week, EA filed a motion to dismiss The Brandr Group's lawsuit. There was little worry at the time that the lawsuit would impede EA's ability to move forward with the game, and its latest statement backs that notion up. 

In Nov. 2022 EA that announced its popular run of college football video games would return. The first college football video game emerged in 1993 with Bill Walsh College Football. EA acquired the licensing rights to the NCAA name in 1998 and created the first installment in its yearly franchise: NCAA Football 98. 

The franchise was discontinued in 2013 due to a lawsuit filed against the NCAA and the Collegiate Licensing Company by former UCLA basketball player Ed O'Bannon. O'Bannon, along with more than 20 former college athletes, alleged that EA used his likeness without acquiring his permission.