Can you spot the multimillionaire head football coach in this photo from tornado-struck Moore, Okla., tweeted by Sooners official Kenny Mossman?

Don't feel bad if you couldn't identify Bob Stoops -- that's him on the left, in the crimson visor and black T-shirt. According to Mossman, it took "about 30 minutes" for the "blended in" Stoops to be noticed by his fellow volunteers on the cleanup crew. How devoted was Stoops to pitching in without making a fuss? According to Mossman, no one in the Oklahoma athletic department knew Stoops was going in the first place

Another photo, this time from the official Sooners football feed:

Faced with a local disaster the scale of that in Moore, the great majority of football coaches -- even those at Stoops' championship-contention level -- would find some way of contributing to the relief effort. But not all of them would don a pair of work gloves and a plain T-shirt and start tossing bricks around without so much as a heads-up on his own Twitter feed. Kudos are in order.