It's no secret that Alabama is flush with cash. When you're a top-five athletic program in revenue with an ever-growing trophy case full of national championships, you're not exactly hurting for money. 

Still, what Alabama will reportedly pay Utah State to come to Tuscaloosa in 2022 is eye-opening to say the least. According to Brett McMurphy, the Crimson Tide will shell out a whopping $1.91 million to play the Aggies at home. Per McMurphy, that's the third-highest total ever for a visiting team. Coincidentally (or not), the other two highest totals also came from SEC teams. 

Officially, the game has not been announced yet by either program.

Not that long ago, $1 million for a "money game" was at the top of the payout chart. Now, that benchmark has been nearly doubled. Utah State will gladly accept it, of course, as the gap between the haves and have mores of the FBS is substantial. These money games can be a welcome relief for a Group of Five program (or lower). 

Then again, if Alabama is willing to shell out that much for a beatable opponent in a nonconference game, there's one within its own state that would love to play.