Vanderbilt has suspended three players indefinitely after two of them were shot in an incident involving a stolen phone.

Defensive backs Tae Daley and Frank Coppet and wide receiver Donaven Tennyson have all been suspended indefinitely from team activities.

The suspensions stem from an incident that resulted in Daley and Coppet both being shot. The two players had accompanied Tennyson to a Target store in Nashville to retrieve a cell phone that was stolen from Tennyson. Tennyson had put his phone up for sale on the internet and met with a prospective buyer at a local Chili's on Monday night, which is when Tennyson claims the phone was stolen from him.

Tennyson later found his phone being sold on the same site he had been trying to sell it from and set up an anonymous account, pretending to be another person interested in buying the phone from the party that allegedly stole it from him. He arranged the meeting at a Target and had Daley and Coppet come with him. In the parking lot, the group pulled up next to the seller's car, and that's when Coppet allegedly got out of the car with a pellet gun. Unfortunately for Coppet, the seller allegedly got out of his vehicle with a real gun and started firing.

Both Coppet and Daley were hit and suffered arm and leg injuries.

Tennyson recorded 28 yards on four carries in eight games last season. Coppet is a redshirt freshman, and Daley was an early enrollee in Vanderbilt's 2017 recruiting class.