Florida kicker Eddy Pineiro was one of the better specialists in the SEC last season. His 21 made field goals (out of 25 attempts) tied for third among kickers in the conference. Just as impressively, Pineiro went 3-of-3 beyond 50 yards with a long of 54 yards. So it's clear he has a leg.

But if there was any doubt, Pineiro showed off what appears to be an 81-yard attempt in practice. Pineiro kicks off the tee right before the 30-yard line.

Yes -- it's no rush with pads, but still. The redshirt junior is growing as a social media sensation. He showed off his huge leg before, having recorded a 77-yarder two years ago. None of this is to say he'll come anywhere close to an 81-yard field goal during a game, but it should give the Gators confidence in their kicking game. So there's that, at least.