Tom Herman goes Office Space on this fax machine after National Signing Day. (YouTube/Houston Football)

"PC Load Letter?"

"Paper jam?"

"This thing's lucky I'm not armed." 

Fans of Office Space will quickly recognize the quotes pertaining to the copier/printer/fax machine that tormented the movies' main characters. In one of the most iconic movie scenes from Mike Judge's 1999 classic, the machine received a violent end at the hands of a baseball bat in the middle of a field.

For Houston coach Tom Herman and the rest of the Cougars' staff, there may be a similar sentiment toward the fax machine after National Signing Day. That's why it wasn't all that surprising to see them take the outdated telecommunications device to task in this brilliant shot-for-shot remake of that scene. 

And now, for those unfamiliar, the original scene from Office Space (clean version, for the kids).

Houston did, by the way, secure the best class in the American Athletic Conference, led by five-star defensive tackle Ed Oliver. Check out the Cougars' 2016 class below.