Over the years, coaches have found different ways to reward walk-on players with scholarships, but I believe Western Michigan's P.J. Fleck is the first coach to have the star of "Judge Dredd" appear on the stadium videoboard.

Fleck showed up to a Western Michigan practice in full uniform and pads, entering the field through a cloud of smoke, and then issuing a challenge to his players. If one of them could stop him from scoring a touchdown, they wouldn't have to attend evening meetings, but Fleck had the choice of which player he could go against.

Fleck chose walk-on linebacker Kasey Carson, who is similar in size. Carson was able to stop Fleck, and then, as usually happens in these situations, Sylvester Stallone showed up and started handing out scholarships.

Here's a gif of Sylvester Stallone rowing the boat, because why wouldn't we make a gif of Sylvester Stallone rowing the boat?