The season may not be starting on time, but Fantasy baseball drafts are still going on. I've got two industry league slow drafts going on right now, and I just finished my first real draft Tuesday afternoon when I took part in the Tout Wars 12-team Rotisserie league draft.

This league is not your standard 5x5 Rotisserie league, however. We've swapped out several categories for this one, to try and experiment with where Fantasy baseball might be heading in the future, and I've gotta say, I love the format. For hitters, we replace batting average with on-base-percentage, a move that more closely tracks with how players are actually valued in baseball. On the pitching side, we've swapped out wins for innings pitched and saves for saves-plus-holds, to try to take some of the frustrating randomnesses out of that side of things.

I finished sixth in this league last season, mostly due to an offense that underperformed across the board except for OBP. That was an issue for me in a lot of my leagues in 2021, as I did a good job hitting on sleeper pitchers but had a lot invested in some massively disappointing hitters. Between that and injuries, my counting stats just couldn't measure up. 

I ended up with the No. 1 overall pick this time around through a modified Kentucky Derby Style draft, where we listed our preference for draft spots based on last year's finish. I'll post the full results for the draft at the bottom of this post, but first, here are some quick thoughts on how the changes in categories change my thought process for this league, and how to apply them to your alternative scoring formats. 

OBP instead of batting average

This one is pretty straightforward, but it's worth keeping in mind the basic math at play with batting average and OBP. Because batting average excludes walks, hit-by-pitches, and sacrifice flies, players who don't do those things have a larger impact on your average; conversely, those who do those things have less of an impact than you would expect. Take Juan Soto, who is projected by THE BAT X projection system to hit .307, second in the league behind Trea Turner, at .308. However, Turner is expected to provide $9.3 in value with his average, per the FanGraphs.com Auction Calculator by this same projections, while Soto is at $8.1. That's because Turner is projected to have 593 at-bats compared to 529 for Soto. Fewer at-bats mean less of an impact on your average. 

On-base percentage takes into account nearly every plate appearance, which means a player who walks a lot can have an even bigger impact on your total than a high-average player would. Per those same projections, Soto is expected to provide $14.1 in value with his OBP. Yes, he's projected to lead the league in OBP by a significant margin, but you're also getting the full value of his contributions there; Soto is arguably undervalued by the traditional 5x5 categories. In OBP leagues, he might as well be a cheat code, and it puts him in contention for the No. 1 overall pick.

It also makes it a lot easier to get power bats, because so many of them are stronger at on-base percentage than batting average. You can fit Joey Gallo into your lineup a lot easier when it's an OBP league, and he should be bumped up your draft board accordingly. He went in the sixth round here to Alex Fast, who followed that up with Yasmani Grandal – those were probably two of the better picks in the whole draft. 

Innings pitched instead of wins

This one is even more straightforward, but it introduces some really interesting wrinkles. In your typical 5x5 league, there's a tradeoff you have to make between chasing the volume categories for starters and for relievers, but that tradeoff is even stronger here because innings are much easier to predict than wins. If a pitcher is healthy, you can probably predict with a decent amount of accuracy how many innings he's going to throw; wins have a much wider range of potential outcomes. Sure, injuries for pitchers are extremely hard to predict, but those impact wins, too. 

You also have a double-counting aspect here that greatly benefits the ace pitchers. The likes of Gerrit Cole and Max Scherzer are going to have elite ratios, but they're also going to throw a ton of innings. Those innings have value in and of themselves, but they also make their strikeout numbers even more impressive and have a bigger impact on your ERA and WHIP. In that context, those high-end, high-volume pitchers are probably even more valuable. 

Saves-plus-holds instead of saves

The thing to keep in mind with holds is, while many more players can get them, few players get a lot of them. In 2021, only four players got more than 24 holds, compared to 12 with 25-plus saves. Which is to say, the leagues in saves-plus-holds will often feature a lot of full-time closers or relievers who serve in multiple roles. This category makes more pitchers viable, but the elite closers are generally going to still be among the best. What the addition of this category does is make relievers a bit more predictable, because their value isn't largely driven by their role. Someone like Paul Sewald or Devin Williams can be a high-end contributor even if he doesn't spend a significant amount of time as the closers. That should drive closer prices down, but it doesn't mean you should just ignore it entirely. I went with one high-volume closer in Raisel Iglesias plus Sewald and his teammate Ken Giles, who is one of my favorite sleeper relievers in any format this season. I'll probably just start two relievers most weeks – Iglesias and whoever is closing for the Mariners

With that out of the way, here's my squad:





Fernando Tatis Jr., SD



Manny Machado, SD



Aaron Judge, NYY



Kevin Gausman, TOR



George Springer, TOR



Ketel Marte, ARI



Max Fried, ATL



Cody Bellinger, LAD



Raisel Iglesias, LAA



Willy Adames, MIL



Joey Votto, CIN



Blake Snell, SD



Nelson Cruz, FA



Ke'Bryan Hayes, PIT



Ranger Suarez, PHI



Andrew Vaughn, CHW



Patrick Sandoval, LAA



Jo Adell, LAA



Alex Wood, SF



Tony Gonsolin, LAD



Paul Sewald, SEA



Joey Bart, SF



Jarren Duran, BOS



Josiah Gray, WSH



Jacob Stallings, MIA



Alex Cobb, SF



Nicky Lopez, KC



Ken Giles, SEA



Edward Cabrera, MIA


I strongly considered going with Soto with the No. 1 pick, and it's entirely possible Tatis ends up being a mistake here. However, if that happens, it'll be because of injuries, not performance, I think. His profile looked a bit flukey during his incredible rookie season, but over the past two seasons, he's improved his plate discipline while emerging as one of the most fearsome power hitters in the game, with the quality of contract metrics to match. 

The concern is obviously the recurring shoulder issues and the fear they may crop up again. However, there's also another concern: He only stole two bases in 42 games after returning from the IL for the last time in 2021. If he's not a threat for 20-plus steals, Tatis is probably the wrong pick here. That's the risk I took in shooting for stolen base upside.

And, because I'd like to avoid having to rely too much on stolen base specialists – many of whom tend to suffer in an OBP league – I took another five-category contributor in Machado. Machado was excellent no matter the format in 2021, but the underlying numbers suggest he could have been even better – he had a .380 expected wOBA compared to a .350 real mark. Neither Tatis nor Machado is an OBP specialist, but I could get a .370 OBP, 65-70 homers, 210 RBI, 210 runs and 40 steals from my first two picks. That's a heck of a start. 

The core of my offense consists of those guys plus Aaron Judge, George Springer, and Ketel Marte, who should all be good in OBP – if they stay healthy. That's the catch with the three of them, and why they are discounted relative to what they should be able to produce. I don't have many questions about how good they'll be, so I'm willing to take the chance at a discount that they can play something like a full season. 

The big question mark – and the lynchpin for my team, is Cody Bellinger. He's been awful the past two seasons, and it looked like his swing was completely broken in 2021. That's a big concern, much more so than the injuries that limited him to just 95 games last season. It's a bet on a 26-year-old former MVP who, if he can right himself, could be a legitimate five-category stud in this format. 

Given that I'm already heavily invested in players who have struggled with injuries in recent years, you might argue that stacking Bellinger on top of that is inviting too much risk. Maybe so, but I don't necessarily agree with the idea that Judge, Springer, and Marte should be discounted as much as they are. Are they more likely to miss time than your average player? Probably, but predicting injuries is not exactly a science, and this is a league with no IL limits, so you aren't as limited by injuries. Besides it's not like there were obvious safe choices being drafted around them – if I didn't pick Judge, Byron Buxton would have been my next highest rated hitter, while Marcus Semien and Matt Olson were the next hitters picked – not exactly the safest picks themselves. 

The better argument against my approach here isn't necessarily that I'm taking on too much risk – you always have to have some on your team, and you'll never win playing scared – but that my risk is distributed inefficiently. Pitchers are inherently more unpredictable than hitters, especially outside of the first couple of rounds. If you're going to avoid early-round pitching, it means you're inherently taking on more risk with your pitching staff. 

That's fine if you've got a solid base of hitters you know you can rely on. However, targeting riskier or high-variance hitters while passing on the early-round pitchers means you are leaving yourself open for things to go really wrong. If Tatis' shoulder remains an issue and Springer and Judge are forced to miss significant time, I'm really going to need my pitching to step up. And while I like Kevin Gausman and Max Fried, they're not exactly the most proven staff anchors. 

I typically prefer investing in the high-end pitchers to anchor my team and then avoiding the second and third tiers, a strategy that would be even more fruitful in this format, I think. Part of the problem is, if you're picking No. 1 overall, your options at starting pitcher thin out by the time your second pick comes around – my top remaining pitchers were Jacob deGrom, Aaron Nola, Shane Beiber, and Sandy Alcantara. Not exactly the most rock-solid options, themselves.

In light of that, I think a high-variance strategy makes sense. It's fair to wonder if I wouldn't have been better off with Soto at 1.1 and then trying to find another source of speed later on, but that would have required taking a big hit in OBP with someone like Adalberto Mondesi instead of Springer or Marte, or waiting and taking Myles Straw in the 11th round instead of Willy Adames or Joey Votto. I'm not sure either of those makes my team significantly better or safer. 

So, that's the squad. If they're healthy, it's going to be one of the best offenses in the league. I'll need my pitchers to step up, but between Sandoval, Tony Gonsolin, Alex Cob, and Edward Cabrera, I've got a really nice mix of upside sleepers rounding out the second half of my rotation. Innings might be a struggle all season long, but hey, no team is going to be perfect.

And here are the full results: 

1Fernando Tatis Jr.SSSD1Chris Towers
2Juan SotoOFWSH1Brian Entrekin
3Jose Ramirez3BCLE1Jennifer Piacenti
4Trea TurnerSSLAD1Jeff Boggis
5Gerrit ColePNYY1Chris Clegg
6Vladimir Guerrero Jr.1BTOR1Alex Fast
7Bryce HarperOFPHI1Andy Behrens
8Bo BichetteSSTOR1Steve Phillips
9Shohei OhtaniUTLAA1Mike Alexander
10Ronald Acuña Jr.OFATL1Jake Ciely
11Mike TroutOFLAA1Matt Truss
12Corbin BurnesPMIL1Sara Sanchez
13Rafael Devers3BBOS2Sara Sanchez
14Mookie BettsOFLAD2Matt Truss
15Kyle TuckerOFHOU2Jake Ciely
16Freddie Freeman1BFA2Mike Alexander
17Walker BuehlerPLAD2Steve Phillips
18Yordan AlvarezOFHOU2Andy Behrens
19Brandon WoodruffPMIL2Alex Fast
20Ozzie Albies2BATL2Chris Clegg
21Max ScherzerPNYM2Jeff Boggis
22Zack WheelerPPHI2Jennifer Piacenti
23Luis RobertOFCHW2Brian Entrekin
24Manny Machado3BSD2Chris Towers
25Aaron JudgeOFNYY3Chris Towers
26Aaron NolaPPHI3Brian Entrekin
27Jacob deGromPNYM3Jennifer Piacenti
28Marcus Semien2BTEX3Jeff Boggis
29Matt Olson1BOAK3Chris Clegg
30Starling MarteOFNYM3Alex Fast
31Xander BogaertsSSBOS3Andy Behrens
32Cedric MullinsOFBAL3Steve Phillips
33Shane BieberPCLE3Mike Alexander
34Teoscar HernándezOFTOR3Jake Ciely
35Pete Alonso1BNYM3Matt Truss
36Julio UriasPLAD3Sara Sanchez
37Whit Merrifield2BKC4Sara Sanchez
38Robbie RayPSEA4Matt Truss
39Trevor StorySSFA4Jake Ciely
40Tim AndersonSSCHW4Mike Alexander
41Byron BuxtonOFMIN4Steve Phillips
42Randy ArozarenaOFTB4Andy Behrens
43Sandy AlcantaraPMIA4Alex Fast
44Lucas GiolitoPCHW4Chris Clegg
45Austin Riley3BATL4Jeff Boggis
46Salvador PerezCKC4Jennifer Piacenti
47J.T. RealmutoCPHI4Brian Entrekin
48Kevin GausmanPTOR4Chris Towers
49George SpringerOFTOR5Chris Towers
50Jose BerriosPTOR5Brian Entrekin
51Jose Altuve2BHOU5Jennifer Piacenti
52Paul Goldschmidt1BSTL5Jeff Boggis
53Will SmithCLAD5Chris Clegg
54Francisco LindorSSNYM5Alex Fast
55José Abreu1BCHW5Andy Behrens
56Liam HendriksPCHW5Steve Phillips
57Josh HaderPMIL5Mike Alexander
58Brandon Lowe2BTB5Jake Ciely
59Tyler O'NeillOFSTL5Matt Truss
60Wander FrancoSSTB5Sara Sanchez
61Nick CastellanosOFFA6Sara Sanchez
62Adalberto Mondesi3BKC6Matt Truss
63Logan WebbPSF6Jake Ciely
64Eloy JiménezOFCHW6Mike Alexander
65Freddy PeraltaPMIL6Steve Phillips
66Alex Bregman3BHOU6Andy Behrens
67Joey GalloOFNYY6Alex Fast
68Joe MusgrovePSD6Chris Clegg
69Javier BaezMIDET6Jeff Boggis
70Corey SeagerSSTEX6Jennifer Piacenti
71Jonathan India2BCIN6Brian Entrekin
72Ketel Marte2BARI6Chris Towers
73Max FriedPATL7Chris Towers
74Lance LynnPCHW7Brian Entrekin
75J.D. MartinezOFBOS7Jennifer Piacenti
76Aroldis ChapmanPNYY7Jeff Boggis
77Christian YelichOFMIL7Chris Clegg
78Yasmani GrandalCCHW7Alex Fast
79Jazz Chisholm Jr.2BMIA7Andy Behrens
80Nolan Arenado3BSTL7Steve Phillips
81Giancarlo StantonOFNYY7Mike Alexander
82Jared Walsh1BLAA7Jake Ciely
83Kyle MullerPATL7Matt Truss
84Emmanuel ClasePCLE7Sara Sanchez
85Willson ContrerasCCHC8Sara Sanchez
86Daulton VarshoCARI8Matt Truss
87Dylan CeasePCHW8Jake Ciely
88Jack FlahertyPSTL8Mike Alexander
89Chris SalePBOS8Steve Phillips
90Tommy EdmanMISTL8Andy Behrens
91Max MuncyMILAD8Alex Fast
92Bryan ReynoldsOFPIT8Chris Clegg
93Luis CastilloPCIN8Jeff Boggis
94Charlie MortonPATL8Jennifer Piacenti
95Jesse WinkerOFCIN8Brian Entrekin
96Cody BellingerOFLAD8Chris Towers
97Raisel IglesiasPLAA9Chris Towers
98Dansby SwansonSSATL9Brian Entrekin
99Carlos CorreaMIFA9Jennifer Piacenti
100Frankie MontasPOAK9Jeff Boggis
101Kris Bryant3BFA9Chris Clegg
102Jorge Polanco2BMIN9Alex Fast
103Anthony RendonCILAA9Andy Behrens
104Yu DarvishPSD9Steve Phillips
105Trevor RogersPMIA9Mike Alexander
106Edwin DiazPNYM9Jake Ciely
107Gleyber TorresSSNYY9Matt Truss
108Kyle SchwarberOFFA9Sara Sanchez
109Ryan PresslyPHOU10Sara Sanchez
110Rhys HoskinsCIPHI10Matt Truss
111Shane McClanahanPTB10Jake Ciely
112Bobby Witt Jr.MIKC10Mike Alexander
113DJ LeMahieu2BNYY10Steve Phillips
114Tyler StephensonCCIN10Andy Behrens
115Pablo LopezPMIA10Alex Fast
116Trent GrishamOFSD10Chris Clegg
117Alek ManoahPTOR10Jeff Boggis
118Justin VerlanderPHOU10Jennifer Piacenti
119Nathan EovaldiPBOS10Brian Entrekin
120Willy AdamesMIMIL10Chris Towers
121Joey Votto1BCIN11Chris Towers
122Jake CronenworthCISD11Brian Entrekin
123Kenley JansenPFA11Jennifer Piacenti
124Franmil ReyesUTCLE11Jeff Boggis
125Tyler MahlePCIN11Chris Clegg
126Mitch HanigerOFSEA11Alex Fast
127Chris BassittPOAK11Andy Behrens
128C.J. Cron1BCOL11Steve Phillips
129Jarred KelenicOFSEA11Mike Alexander
130Mitch GarverCMIN11Jake Ciely
131Will SmithPATL11Chris Clegg
132Josh Bell1BWSH11Sara Sanchez
133Dylan CarlsonOFSTL12Sara Sanchez
134Sean ManaeaPOAK12Matt Truss
135Justin Turner3BLAD12Jake Ciely
136Austin MeadowsOFTB12Mike Alexander
137Gary SanchezCNYY12Steve Phillips
138Ian AndersonPATL12Andy Behrens
139Carlos RodonPFA12Alex Fast
140Eduardo RodriguezPDET12Chris Clegg
141Yoan MoncadaCICHW12Jeff Boggis
142Myles StrawOFCLE12Jennifer Piacenti
143Lourdes Gurriel Jr.OFTOR12Brian Entrekin
144Blake SnellPSD12Chris Towers
145Nelson CruzUTFA13Chris Towers
146Giovanny GallegosPSTL13Brian Entrekin
147Jorge SolerOFFA13Jennifer Piacenti
148Chris TaylorOFLAD13Jeff Boggis
149Luis GarciaPHOU13Chris Clegg
150Jordan RomanoPTOR13Alex Fast
151Seiya SuzukiOFFA13Andy Behrens
152Blake TreinenPLAD13Steve Phillips
153Ryan MountcastleCIBAL13Mike Alexander
154Zac GallenPARI13Jake Ciely
155Ryan McMahon2BCOL13Matt Truss
156Matt ChapmanCIOAK13Sara Sanchez
157Clayton KershawPFA14Sara Sanchez
158Framber ValdezPHOU14Matt Truss
159Hunter RenfroeOFMIL14Jake Ciely
160Alex VerdugoOFBOS14Mike Alexander
161Adam DuvallOFATL14Steve Phillips
162Luis SeverinoPNYY14Andy Behrens
163Josh Donaldson3BMIN14Alex Fast
164Luis UríasSSMIL14Chris Clegg
165Akil BaddooOFDET14Jeff Boggis
166Craig KimbrelPCHW14Jennifer Piacenti
167Corey KnebelPPHI14Brian Entrekin
168Ke'Bryan HayesCIPIT14Chris Towers
169Ranger SuarezPPHI15Chris Towers
170Eugenio Suárez3BCIN15Brian Entrekin
171Adam WainwrightPSTL15Jennifer Piacenti
172Shane BazPTB15Jeff Boggis
173Marcell OzunaOFATL15Chris Clegg
174Marcus StromanPCHC15Alex Fast
175Robbie GrossmanOFDET15Andy Behrens
176Brandon BeltUTSF15Steve Phillips
177Ty France2BSEA15Mike Alexander
178Kolten WongMIMIL15Jake Ciely
179Michael KopechPCHW15Matt Truss
180Andrew BenintendiOFKC15Sara Sanchez
181Logan GilbertPSEA16Sara Sanchez
182Ian HappOFCHC16Matt Truss
183Michael ConfortoOFFA16Jake Ciely
184Brendan Rodgers2BCOL16Mike Alexander
185Julio RodriguezOFSEA16Steve Phillips
186Mike ClevingerPSD16Andy Behrens
187Anthony RizzoCIFA16Alex Fast
188Harrison BaderOFSTL16Chris Clegg
189Adolis GarciaOFTEX16Jeff Boggis
190Charlie BlackmonOFCOL16Jennifer Piacenti
191Alex Kirilloff1BMIN16Brian Entrekin
192Andrew VaughnOFCHW16Chris Towers
193Patrick SandovalPLAA17Chris Towers
194Avisaíl GarcíaOFMIA17Brian Entrekin
195Adley RutschmanCBAL17Jennifer Piacenti
196Mark CanhaOFNYM17Jeff Boggis
197Sonny GrayPCIN17Chris Clegg
198John MeansPBAL17Alex Fast
199Hyun Jin RyuPTOR17Andy Behrens
200Brandon CrawfordMISF17Steve Phillips
201Tarik SkubalPDET17Mike Alexander
202Trevor BauerPLAD17Jake Ciely
203Oneil CruzMIPIT17Matt Truss
204Gavin LuxMILAD17Sara Sanchez
205Keibert RuizCWSH18Sara Sanchez
206Jordan MontgomeryPNYY18Matt Truss
207Scott BarlowPKC18Jake Ciely
208Ramon LaureanoOFOAK18Mike Alexander
209Noah SyndergaardPLAA18Steve Phillips
210Anthony DeSclafaniPSF18Andy Behrens
211Amed RosarioOFCLE18Alex Fast
212Bobby DalbecCIBOS18Chris Clegg
213Travis d'ArnaudCATL18Jeff Boggis
214Yuli Gurriel1BHOU18Jennifer Piacenti
215Jean SeguraMIPHI18Brian Entrekin
216Jo AdellOFLAA18Chris Towers
217Alex WoodPSF19Chris Towers
218Trey ManciniUTBAL19Brian Entrekin
219Connor JoeOFCOL19Jennifer Piacenti
220Christian VazquezCBOS19Jeff Boggis
221Eduardo EscobarMINYM19Chris Clegg
222Garrett WhitlockPBOS19Alex Fast
223Devin WilliamsPMIL19Andy Behrens
224Michael BrantleyOFHOU19Steve Phillips
225Jose UrquidyPHOU19Mike Alexander
226Camilo DovalPSF19Jake Ciely
227Eddie RosarioOFFA19Matt Truss
228Nathaniel LoweUTTEX19Sara Sanchez
229Jonathan LoaisigaPNYY20Sara Sanchez
230James KarinchakPCLE20Matt Truss
231Elias DíazCCOL20Jake Ciely
232Sean MurphyCOAK20Mike Alexander
233Huascar YnoaPATL20Steve Phillips
234Luke VoitUTNYY20Andy Behrens
235Carson KellyCARI20Alex Fast
236Taylor RogersPMIN20Chris Clegg
237Mark MelanconPARI20Jeff Boggis
238AJ PollockOFLAD20Jennifer Piacenti
239Jeimer CandelarioCIDET20Brian Entrekin
240Tony GonsolinPLAD20Chris Towers
241Paul SewaldPSEA21Chris Towers
242Omar NarváezCMIL21Brian Entrekin
243Lance McCullers Jr.PHOU21Jennifer Piacenti
244Miguel Sano1BMIN21Jeff Boggis
245Jesus SanchezUTMIA21Chris Clegg
246Josh RojasOFARI21Alex Fast
247Diego CastilloPSEA21Andy Behrens
248Spencer TorkelsonCIDET21Steve Phillips
249Alejandro KirkCTOR21Mike Alexander
250Jesús AguilarCIMIA21Jake Ciely
251Brandon NimmoUTNYM21Matt Truss
252Tyler RogersPSF21Sara Sanchez
253Tanner HouckPBOS22Sara Sanchez
254Carlos CarrascoPNYM22Matt Truss
255Jon GrayPTEX22Jake Ciely
256Alec Bohm3BPHI22Mike Alexander
257Gregory SotoPDET22Steve Phillips
258Zack GreinkePFA22Andy Behrens
259Enrique HernandezUTBOS22Alex Fast
260Hector NerisPHOU22Chris Clegg
261Tommy PhamOFFA22Jeff Boggis
262Frank SchwindelCICHC22Jennifer Piacenti
263Bailey OberPMIN22Brian Entrekin
264Joey BartCSF22Chris Towers
265Jarren DuranOFBOS23Chris Towers
266Lane ThomasOFWSH23Brian Entrekin
267Aaron CivalePCLE23Jennifer Piacenti
268German MarquezPCOL23Jeff Boggis
269Mike ZuninoCTB23Chris Clegg
270Lucas SimsPCIN23Alex Fast
271Max StassiCLAA23Andy Behrens
272Patrick WisdomOFCHC23Steve Phillips
273Mike YastrzemskiOFSF23Mike Alexander
274Triston McKenziePCLE23Jake Ciely
275Wil MyersOFSD23Matt Truss
276Cavan BiggioOFTOR23Sara Sanchez
277Kyle HendricksPCHC24Sara Sanchez
278Danny JansenCTOR24Matt Truss
279Yoshi TsutsugoUTPIT24Jake Ciely
280Luis Arraez3BMIN24Mike Alexander
281Austin NolaCSD24Steve Phillips
282Jonathan VillarSSFA24Andy Behrens
283Aaron AshbyPMIL24Alex Fast
284Jesus LuzardoPMIA24Chris Clegg
285Jonathan Schoop2BDET24Jeff Boggis
286Joc PedersonUTFA24Jennifer Piacenti
287Max KeplerOFMIN24Brian Entrekin
288Josiah GrayPWSH24Chris Towers
289Jacob StallingsCMIA25Chris Towers
290Cal QuantrillPCLE25Brian Entrekin
291Dylan FloroPMIA25Jennifer Piacenti
292David BednarPPIT25Jeff Boggis
293Andrew McCutchenOFFA25Chris Clegg
294Garrett HampsonMICOL25Alex Fast
295Aaron BummerPCHW25Andy Behrens
296Marco GonzalesPSEA25Steve Phillips
297Zach PlesacPCLE25Mike Alexander
298Riley GreeneUTDET25Jake Ciely
299Steven MatzPSTL25Matt Truss
300Luis PatinoPTB25Sara Sanchez
301Michael FulmerPDET26Sara Sanchez
302Pete FairbanksPTB26Matt Truss
303J.D. Davis3BNYM26Jake Ciely
304Josh StaumontPKC26Mike Alexander
305Bradley ZimmerOFCLE26Steve Phillips
306Nick Madrigal2BCHC26Andy Behrens
307Kyle LewisOFSEA26Alex Fast
308Andrew KittredgePTB26Chris Clegg
309Gio UrshelaSSNYY26Jeff Boggis
310Darin RufCISF26Jennifer Piacenti
311Matt BarnesPBOS26Brian Entrekin
312Alex CobbPSF26Chris Towers
313Nicky LopezSSKC27Chris Towers
314Tyler MatzekPATL27Brian Entrekin
315Rowan WickPCHC27Jennifer Piacenti
316Austin HaysOFBAL27Jeff Boggis
317Hunter Dozier1BKC27Chris Clegg
318Drew RasmussenPTB27Alex Fast
319Elieser HernandezPMIA27Andy Behrens
320Joe BarlowPTEX27Steve Phillips
321David Fletcher2BLAA27Mike Alexander
322Keston Hiura1BMIL27Jake Ciely
323Eric Hosmer1BSD27Matt Truss
324Vidal Brujan2BTB27Sara Sanchez
325Sixto SanchezPMIA28Sara Sanchez
326Chad GreenPNYY28Matt Truss
327Roansy ContrerasPPIT28Jake Ciely
328Emilio PaganPSD28Mike Alexander
329Jake McGeePSF28Steve Phillips
330Carlos Santana1BKC28Andy Behrens
331Anthony SantanderOFBAL28Alex Fast
332Paul DeJongSSSTL28Chris Clegg
333Casey MizePDET28Jeff Boggis
334Raimel TapiaOFCOL28Jennifer Piacenti
335Rowdy Tellez1BMIL28Brian Entrekin
336Ken GilesPSEA28Chris Towers
337Edward CabreraPMIA29Chris Towers
338Anthony AlfordOFPIT29Brian Entrekin
339Stephen StrasburgPWSH29Jennifer Piacenti
340Lou TrivinoPOAK29Jeff Boggis
341Luke JacksonPATL29Chris Clegg
342Grayson RodriguezPBAL29Alex Fast
343Joe RyanPMIN29Andy Behrens
344Andres Gimenez2BCLE29Steve Phillips
345Kyle GibsonPPHI29Mike Alexander
346Mitch KellerPPIT29Jake Ciely
347Jose Miranda2BMIN29Matt Truss
348Abraham Toro3BSEA29Sara Sanchez