We do a lot of mock drafts in the lead up to the Fantasy Baseball season, and those mocks give us the opportunity to get some practice reps in. But, as the calendar turns to March, the drafts are starting to matter. I finished my first real draft this week, when I took part in the annual Tout Wars 12-team mixed league draft with some other Fantasy Baseball industry folks. 

It's a 12-team Rotisserie league, with a few twists. We use seven of the 10 standard scoring categories, with the following changes:

  • Instead of batting average, we use on-base percentage.
  • Instead of saves, we use saves-plus-holds.
  • Instead of wins, we use innings pitched.

The first two of those wrinkles are pretty typical if you want to change your league settings up, but innings pitched instead of wins is a pretty significant change -- and one that does require changing your strategies a bit. You can pretty easily run away with the innings category -- and strikeouts, along with it -- but you're going to but punting S+H, and potentially damaging your ratios along the way. It's a tough balancing act, and one I've struggled with at times in this league -- last year, I did well in pitching categories except for S+H, where I finished near the bottom.

I had the fifth pick this year in a typical snake draft, and this is the squad I ended up putting together: 

1.5 Mookie Betts, OF, LAD
2.8 Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, SD
3.5 Max Scherzer, P, NYM
4.8 George Springer, OF, TOR
5.5 Justin Verlander, P, NYM
6.8 Emmanuel Clase, P, CLE
7.5 Oneil Cruz, SS, PIT
8.8 Byron Buxton, OF, MIN
9.5 Salvador Perez, C, KC
10.8 Christian Walker, 1B, ARI
11.5 Jorge Polanco, MI, MIN
12.8 Nestor Cortes Jr., P, NYY
13.5 Chris Sale, P, BOS
14.8 Dustin May, P, LAD
15.5 Riley Greene, OF, DET
16.8 Jesse Winker, OF, MIL
17.5 Tyler Glasnow, P, TB
18.8 Yandy Diaz, 3B, TB
19.5 Grayson Rodriguez, P, BAL
20.8 A.J. Minter, P, ATL
21.5 Bryan De La Cruz, OF, MIA
22.8 Edward Cabrera, P, MIA
23.5 Brandon Drury, 3B, LAA
24.8 Travis d'Arnaud, C, ATL
25.5 James Karinchak, P, CLE
26.8 Oswaldo Cabrera, OF, NYY
27.5 Luis Garcia, 2B, WSH
28.8 Alex Kirilloff, OF, MIN
29.5 Spencer Steer, CI, CIN

I'll be honest: I was hoping Ronald Acuna would drop to me in this one. He's my top player in batting average Roto leagues, and would still be No. 2 for OBP behind Aaron Judge. Acuna is arguably underrated as a source of OBP, especially if you're expecting a bounceback in 2023, as I am. His 9.9% walk rate last season was the second-lowest of his career, and he had posted marks of 18.8% and 13.6% over the prior two seasons. He might be close to a .400 OBP guy with elite power and speed if he bounces back.

Unfortunately, Acuna went off the board a pick ahead of mine, which left me scrambling a bit. I think there is a clear top five in standard Roto leagues, with Trea Turner and Julio Rodriguez among that five, but they fall a bit short in OBP leagues – at least unless Rodriguez's plate discipline improves significantly from his 7.1% walk rate as a rookie. I ended up settling on Betts, who saw his walk rate dip to 8.6% last season but routinely puts up OBPs north of .360 most seasons. He's pretty awesome in either format, though I do think he's probably a tier short of the elites in both. That's just how the draft fell.

With my next pick, I went with the guy I'm hoping to end up with in as many Roto leagues as possible in Tatis. He'll miss the first 20 games of the season finishing off a suspension, but I think he might just be the best player in Fantasy on a per-game basis. In 2021, he was the No. 6 player in the Razzball Player Rater, despite playing just 130 games; give him Vladimir Guerrero's 161 games and he would've topped him for the No. 1 spot.

There's risk here, of course, and plenty of it. Tatis didn't play at all last season and is coming back from multiple major surgeries to his shoulder and wrist, in addition to his PED suspension. It's possible he just isn't the same guy he was prior to all those issues. Maybe he'll run less to try and stay healthy, or maybe his timing as a hitter will be off due to the time away. There's no guarantee Tatis will come back and be a superstar; if there was, he'd be a first-round pick even with the suspension. 

But it's a risk I'm comfortable with. Tatis might have a higher ceiling than any player in Fantasy, with legitimate 40-homer, 30-steal potential in an incredible lineup, and if he's as good as he was prior to all of this, getting him in the second round is going to give me a huge leg up; that he'll gain outfield eligibility shortly after he returns only helps, given the relative lack of depth at that position. 

That duo gives me an awesome starting point for my offense, and I kept hammering upside with the rest of my early hitters, potentially to a fault. George Springer and Byron Buxton both carry significant injury risk, if not necessarily much performance risk in my eyes. Oneil Cruz, on the other hand, is a high-variance player with a super-high ceiling – 40 homers? 30 steals? There's no question that he is physically capable of both, the question is whether he'll be able to harness those physical tools well enough to put them into game action. 

And those were my next three picks. In terms of safety and security, Betts is pretty much the only sure thing I've got; Salvador Perez is relatively safe, but he's also missed significant time over the past few seasons himself, including last season with a thumb issue, and he's an OBP liability. 

Which is to say, I might be taking on a bit too much volatility on offense, though that's sort of a necessity in order to build the kind of pitching staff I want to. Unlike my FBT colleagues, I'm still willing to invest multiple early-round picks in pitchers, which means I'm passing up the kind of hitters who bring both security and a high ceiling, and in order to make up for that, I often find myself taking risks with my hitters, and this draft was no exception. 

But it allows me to build some pitching staffs that I truly love. 

That included three pitchers in my first six picks, which is becoming pretty standard for me. I don't always take an elite reliever, and the S+H format in this league certainly makes it less of a necessity. That being said, Emmanuel Clase falling to the sixth round was a hard value to pass up, especially since, while the elite closers are somewhat less valuable in this format, the elite closers do still tend to accumulate bigger numbers; Of the top 15 in saves-plus-holds in 2022, only five had more than 10 holds. 

Clase was a bit of a luxury, but it's the Max Scherzer/Justin Verlander duo that represents the key to my pitching strategy. I want two aces on my Roto teams, and it's easier to do that than ever these days when pitcher prices keep falling. While in years past, it might have cost me a second and third-round pick to get two of my top six starters, this year, you can pretty easily do it with a third and a fifth, as I did here. 

Now, partially, that's because Verlander isn't necessarily being priced like a truly elite pitcher. Despite winning the Cy Young award last season, he only threw 175 innings with barely more than a strikeout per. Scherzer also only threw 145.1, and hasn't reached 180 since 2018 – though he did get to 179.1 in 30 starts in 2021, with his typically sterling ratios.

But both Scherzer and Verlander are, in my opinion, perfectly capable of getting to 180-plus innings, which is what I'm looking for from my aces. 180 is kind of the magic number that 200 used to be, and if you can get two pitchers with elite ratios on your team who reach that mark, your pitching staff is probably going to be pretty good. Scherzer and Verlander aren't the best bets to hit that threshold at this point in their careers, but in my eyes, they're better bets than the likes of Shane McClanahan or Spencer Strider, simply because they've done it before. Injuries could keep them from getting there, but injuries can happen to any pitcher. But, if Scherzer and Verlander stay healthy for 30 starts, they'll get there. 

Getting that ace core gives you the flexibility to take a few more chances with the rest of your pitchers. Whether that means by focusing on high-variance pitchers or simply not investing as much in the rest of your staff. I actually don't think there's much performance risk with Nestor Cortes, Chris Sale, and Dustin May, the next three starters I chose, but I did have the flexibility to avoid investing in the position for a while – I didn't take my next starter until the 12th round when I tripled up on that trio.

I continued to roll the dice, snagging the currently injured Tyler Glasnow in the 17th, top prospect Grayson Rodriguez of the Orioles in the 19th, and then Edward Cabrera in the 22nd – one of my favorite sleepers. This is a high-upside team that could dominate ratios and strikeouts, though there are certainly some innings concerns. I'll make a point of grabbing a few more projectable types on the first waiver runs – I'll be aiming for Corey Kluber and Josiah Gray first. 

It's not a perfect pitching staff, especially in a league where innings are a discrete category. I probably could have used a Miles Mikolas or Jose Berrios late in the draft to help me feel a bit more secure with my innings, because if one of Verlander or Scherzer falls short for whatever reason, things could get pretty hairy. I probably should have adjusted more to the format, knowing innings are their own category. 

But, on the whole, it's a staff I'm very pleased with. I don't need too many of my upside picks to hit to have a chance to compete, thanks to those two aces anchoring things, which is the whole point. If Sale is even somewhere near his peak self (ala Verlander a year ago), this could be one of the best pitching staffs in the league. I'll probably stream some relievers throughout the year to make sure I'm competitive in S+H, and that'll be easier to do if Sale hits; I've got a lot riding on that dude's left arm (and not just in this league). 

There's no team-building approach that guarantees a successful Fantasy season, of course, and this one certainly doesn't. There's plenty of risk inherent in this build, and there are some obvious shortcomings coming out of the draft, notably on the innings side for pitching and potentially with OBP on the hitting side. But every team is going to have some potential holes on it coming out of the draft – that's what free agency, trades, and, of course, a little luck, are for. 

Here's who participated in the draft along with the full results: 

  1. Matt Trussell, Razzball
  2. Sara Sanchez, bleedcubbieblue.com
  3. John Laghezza, The Athletic
  4. Jeff Boggis, Fantasy Football Empire
  5. Chris Towers, CBS Fantasy
  6. Andy Behrens, Yahoo Fantasy Sports
  7. Alex Fast, Pitcher List
  8. Brian Entrekin, Fantasy Pros, BaseballHQ
  9. Carlos Marcano, Triple Play Fantasy
  10. Dylan White, Baseball America
  11. Chris Clegg, Pitcher List
  12. Jen Piacenti, Sports Illustrated
Pick Player Drafter
1.1Juan Soto, OF, SDTrussell
1.2Jose Ramirez, 3B, CLESanchez
1.3Aaron Judge, OF, NYYLaghezza
1.4Ronald Acuna Jr., OF, ATLBoggis
1.5Mookie Betts, OF, LADTowers
1.6Julio Rodriguez, OF, SEABehrens
1.7Trea Turner, SS, PHIFast
1.8Kyle Tucker, OF, HOUEntrekin
1.9Mike Trout, OF, LAAMarcano
1.1Shohei Ohtani, UT, LAAWhite
1.11Freddie Freeman, 1B, LADClegg
1.12Yordan Alvarez, UT, HOUPiacenti
2.1Vladimir Guerrero Jr., 1B, TORPiacenti
2.2Corbin Burnes, P, MILClegg
2.3Gerrit Cole, P, NYYWhite
2.4Aaron Nola, P, PHIMarcano
2.5Manny Machado, 3B, SDEntrekin
2.6Sandy Alcantara, P, MIAFast
2.7Pete Alonso, 1B, NYMBehrens
2.8Fernando Tatis Jr., SS, SDTowers
2.9Paul Goldschmidt, 1B, STLBoggis
2.1Austin Riley, 3B, ATLLaghezza
2.11Marcus Semien, 2B, TEXSanchez
2.12Bo Bichette, SS, TORTrussell
3.1Brandon Woodruff, P, MILTrussell
3.2Kyle Schwarber, OF, PHISanchez
3.3Shane McClanahan, P, TBLaghezza
3.4Rafael Devers, 3B, BOSBoggis
3.5Max Scherzer, P, NYMTowers
3.6Jose Altuve, 2B, HOUBehrens
3.7Bobby Witt Jr., 3B, KCFast
3.8Matt Olson, 1B, ATLEntrekin
3.9Nolan Arenado, 3B, STLMarcano
3.1Alex Bregman, 3B, HOUWhite
3.11J.T. Realmuto, C, PHIClegg
3.12Francisco Lindor, SS, NYMPiacenti
4.1Shane Bieber, P, CLEPiacenti
4.2Randy Arozarena, OF, TBClegg
4.3Daulton Varsho, OF, TORWhite
4.4Xander Bogaerts, SS, SDMarcano
4.5Jacob deGrom, P, TEXEntrekin
4.6Jazz Chisholm Jr., 2B, MIAFast
4.7Corey Seager, SS, TEXBehrens
4.8George Springer, OF, TORTowers
4.9J.P. Howell, P, (N/A)Boggis
4.1Michael Harris, OF, ATLLaghezza
4.11Spencer Strider, P, ATLSanchez
4.12Cedric Mullins, OF, BALTrussell
5.1Dansby Swanson, SS, CHCTrussell
5.2Zack Wheeler, P, PHISanchez
5.3Carlos Rodon, P, NYYLaghezza
5.4Luis Robert, OF, CHWBoggis
5.5Justin Verlander, P, NYMTowers
5.6Gunnar Henderson, 3B, BALBehrens
5.7Luis Castillo, P, SEAFast
5.8Corbin Carroll, OF, ARIEntrekin
5.9Wander Franco, SS, TBMarcano
5.1Kevin Gausman, P, TORWhite
5.11Will Smith, C, LADClegg
5.12Adolis Garcia, OF, TEXPiacenti
6.1Framber Valdez, P, HOUPiacenti
6.2Dylan Cease, P, CHWClegg
6.3Bryan Reynolds, OF, PITWhite
6.4Adley Rutschman, C, BALMarcano
6.5Alek Manoah, P, TOREntrekin
6.6Edwin Diaz, P, NYMFast
6.7Yu Darvish, P, SDBehrens
6.8Emmanuel Clase, P, CLETowers
6.9Ozzie Albies, 2B, ATLBoggis
6.1Andres Gimenez, 2B, CLELaghezza
6.11Julio Urias, P, LADSanchez
6.12Nathaniel Lowe, 1B, TEXTrussell
7.1Jake McCarthy, OF, ARITrussell
7.2Carlos Correa, SS, MINSanchez
7.3Jose Abreu, 1B, HOULaghezza
7.4Max Fried, P, ATLBoggis
7.5Oneil Cruz, SS, PITTowers
7.6Cristian Javier, P, HOUBehrens
7.7Rhys Hoskins, 1B, PHIFast
7.8Zac Gallen, P, ARIEntrekin
7.9Vinnie Pasquantino, 1B, KCMarcano
7.1Willy Adames, SS, MILWhite
7.11Eloy Jimenez, OF, CHWClegg
7.12Starling Marte, OF, NYMPiacenti
8.1Willson Contreras, C, STLPiacenti
8.2Tim Anderson, SS, CHWClegg
8.3Andres Munoz, P, SEAWhite
8.4Steven Kwan, OF, CLEMarcano
8.5Teoscar Hernandez, OF, SEAEntrekin
8.6Tyler O'Neill, OF, STLFast
8.7Max Muncy, 3B, LADBehrens
8.8Byron Buxton, OF, MINTowers
8.9Giancarlo Stanton, UT, NYYBoggis
8.1Triston McKenzie, P, CLELaghezza
8.11MJ Melendez, C, KCSanchez
8.12Robbie Ray, P, SEATrussell
9.1Christian Yelich, OF, MILTrussell
9.2Taylor Ward, OF, LAASanchez
9.3Ian Happ, OF, CHCLaghezza
9.4Tommy Edman, SS, STLBoggis
9.5Salvador Perez, C, KCTowers
9.6Logan Webb, P, SFBehrens
9.7George Kirby, P, SEAFast
9.8Devin Williams, P, MILEntrekin
9.9Hunter Greene, P, CINMarcano
9.1Matt Chapman, 3B, TORWhite
9.11Logan Gilbert, P, SEAClegg
9.12Josh Hader, P, SDPiacenti
10.1Kris Bryant, OF, COLPiacenti
10.2Luis Severino, P, NYYClegg
10.3Clayton Kershaw, P, LADWhite
10.4Anthony Santander, OF, BALMarcano
10.5Gleyber Torres, 2B, NYYEntrekin
10.6Sean Murphy, C, ATLFast
10.7Lucas Giolito, P, CHWBehrens
10.8Christian Walker, 1B, ARITowers
10.9Kyle Wright, P, ATLBoggis
10.1Jordan Romano, P, TORLaghezza
10.11Anthony Rizzo, 1B, NYYSanchez
10.12Alejandro Kirk, C, TORTrussell
11.1C.J. Cron, 1B, COLTrussell
11.2William Contreras, C, MILSanchez
11.3Tyler Stephenson, C, CINLaghezza
11.4Eugenio Suarez, 3B, SEABoggis
11.5Jorge Polanco, MI, MINTowers
11.6Brandon Nimmo, OF, NYMBehrens
11.7Mitch Haniger, OF, SFFast
11.8Lance Lynn, P, CHWEntrekin
11.9Ryan Mountcastle, 1B, BALMarcano
11.1Jake Cronenworth, 2B, SDWhite
11.11Nick Lodolo, P, CINClegg
11.12Jeremy Pena, SS, HOUPiacenti
12.1Oscar Gonzalez, OF, CLEPiacenti
12.2Masataka Yoshida, OF, BOSClegg
12.3Danny Jansen, C, TORWhite
12.4Ryan Helsley, P, STLMarcano
12.5Rowdy Tellez, 1B, MILEntrekin
12.6Josh Bell, 1B, CLEFast
12.7Cody Bellinger, OF, CHCBehrens
12.8Nestor Cortes Jr., P, NYYTowers
12.9Hunter Renfroe, OF, LAABoggis
12.1Jonathan India, 2B, CINLaghezza
12.11Ryan Pressly, P, HOUSanchez
12.12Chris Bassitt, P, TORTrussell
13.1Raisel Iglesias, P, ATLTrussell
13.2Lars Nootbaar, OF, STLSanchez
13.3Jesus Luzardo, P, MIALaghezza
13.4Blake Snell, P, SDBoggis
13.5Chris Sale, P, BOSTowers
13.6Andrew Vaughn, 1B, CHWBehrens
13.7Cal Raleigh, C, SEAFast
13.8Thairo Estrada, 2B, SFEntrekin
13.9Luis Garcia, P, HOUMarcano
13.1Nick Castellanos, OF, PHIWhite
13.11Jhoan Duran, P, MINClegg
13.12Brandon Lowe, 2B, TBPiacenti
14.1Wil Myers, 1B, CINPiacenti
14.2Ke'Bryan Hayes, 3B, PITClegg
14.3Jordan Montgomery, P, STLWhite
14.4Alec Bohm, 3B, PHIMarcano
14.5Joe Musgrove, P, SDEntrekin
14.6Joe Ryan, P, MINFast
14.7Seiya Suzuki, OF, CHCBehrens
14.8Dustin May, P, LADTowers
14.9Bryce Harper, UT, PHIBoggis
14.1Kenley Jansen, P, BOSLaghezza
14.11Nico Hoerner, SS, CHCSanchez
14.12Pablo Lopez, P, MINTrussell
15.1Vaughn Grissom, 2B, ATLTrussell
15.2Jeffrey Springs, P, TBSanchez
15.3Andrew Benintendi, OF, CHWLaghezza
15.4Charlie Morton, P, ATLBoggis
15.5Riley Greene, OF, DETTowers
15.6Freddy Peralta, P, MILBehrens
15.7Ramon Laureano, OF, OAKFast
15.8Jordan Walker, 3B, STLEntrekin
15.9Ketel Marte, 2B, ARIMarcano
15.1Trent Grisham, OF, SDWhite
15.11J.D. Martinez, UT, LADClegg
15.12Merrill Kelly, P, ARIPiacenti
16.1Javier Baez, SS, DETPiacenti
16.2Ty France, 1B, SEAClegg
16.3Drew Rasmussen, P, TBWhite
16.4Joey Meneses, OF, WSHMarcano
16.5Amed Rosario, SS, CLEEntrekin
16.6Ryan McMahon, 3B, COLFast
16.7Keibert Ruiz, C, WSHBehrens
16.8Jesse Winker, OF, MILTowers
16.9Brady Singer, P, KCBoggis
16.1Reid Detmers, P, LAALaghezza
16.11Jeff McNeil, 2B, NYMSanchez
16.12Kodai Senga, P, NYMTrussell
17.1Jose Miranda, 1B, MINTrussell
17.2Alex Verdugo, OF, BOSSanchez
17.3Shea Langeliers, C, OAKLaghezza
17.4Yasmani Grandal, C, CHWBoggis
17.5Tyler Glasnow, P, TBTowers
17.6Tony Gonsolin, P, LADBehrens
17.7Pete Fairbanks, P, TBFast
17.8Gabriel Moreno, C, ARIEntrekin
17.9Tyler Mahle, P, MINMarcano
17.1Harrison Bader, OF, NYYWhite
17.11Luis Urias, 3B, MILClegg
17.12Anthony Rendon, 3B, LAAPiacenti
18.1Miles Mikolas, P, STLPiacenti
18.2Michael Conforto, OF, SFClegg
18.3Alex Cobb, P, SFWhite
18.4Oscar Colas, OF, CHWMarcano
18.5Felix Bautista, P, BALEntrekin
18.6Joey Gallo, OF, MINFast
18.7Luis Arraez, 2B, MIABehrens
18.8Yandy Diaz, 3B, TBTowers
18.9Whit Merrifield, 2B, TORBoggis
18.1Triston Casas, 1B, BOSLaghezza
18.11Nathan Eovaldi, P, TEXSanchez
18.12Patrick Sandoval, P, LAATrussell
19.1Jorge Soler, OF, MIATrussell
19.2Josh Jung, 3B, TEXSanchez
19.3Austin Meadows, OF, DETLaghezza
19.4Joc Pederson, OF, SFBoggis
19.5Grayson Rodriguez, P, BALTowers
19.6Camilo Doval, P, SFBehrens
19.7Jon Gray, P, TEXFast
19.8Justin Turner, 3B, BOSEntrekin
19.9Jason Adam, P, TBMarcano
19.1Andrew Heaney, P, TEXWhite
19.11Hunter Brown, P, HOUClegg
19.12Josh Rojas, 3B, ARIPiacenti
20.1Kendall Graveman, P, CHWPiacenti
20.2Clay Holmes, P, NYYClegg
20.3Josh Naylor, 1B, CLEWhite
20.4Jose Berrios, P, TORMarcano
20.5Christopher Morel, 2B, CHCEntrekin
20.6Brendan Rodgers, 2B, COLFast
20.7Sonny Gray, P, MINBehrens
20.8A.J. Minter, P, ATLTowers
20.9David Bednar, P, PITBoggis
20.1Trevor Rogers, P, MIALaghezza
20.11Sean Manaea, P, SFSanchez
20.12Paul Sewald, P, SEATrussell
21.1Zach Eflin, P, TBTrussell
21.2Scott Barlow, P, KCSanchez
21.3Jarred Kelenic, OF, SEALaghezza
21.4Seth Brown, OF, OAKBoggis
21.5Bryan De La Cruz, OF, MIATowers
21.6Christian Vazquez, C, MINBehrens
21.7Mark Canha, OF, NYMFast
21.8Lourdes Gurriel Jr., OF, ARIEntrekin
21.9Esteury Ruiz, OF, OAKMarcano
21.1Chris Taylor, 2B, LADWhite
21.11Miguel Vargas, UT, LADClegg
21.12Adam Wainwright, P, STLPiacenti
22.1Martin Perez, P, TEXPiacenti
22.2Brayan Bello, P, BOSClegg
22.3Ezequiel Tovar, SS, COLWhite
22.4Erik Swanson, P, TORMarcano
22.5Jake Fraley, OF, CINEntrekin
22.6Evan Phillips, P, LADFast
22.7CJ Abrams, SS, WSHBehrens
22.8Edward Cabrera, P, MIATowers
22.9Marcus Stroman, P, CHCBoggis
22.1Bryson Stott, SS, PHILaghezza
22.11Alexis Diaz, P, CINSanchez
22.12Jonah Heim, C, TEXTrussell
23.1Lane Thomas, OF, WSHTrussell
23.2Garrett Mitchell, OF, MILSanchez
23.3Jameson Taillon, P, CHCLaghezza
23.4Adalberto Mondesi, SS, BOSBoggis
23.5Brandon Drury, 3B, LAATowers
23.6Hector Neris, P, HOUBehrens
23.7Garrett Whitlock, P, BOSFast
23.8Giovanny Gallegos, P, STLEntrekin
23.9Taylor Rogers, P, SFMarcano
23.1Trevor Story, 2B, BOSWhite
23.11Ha-seong Kim, SS, SDClegg
23.12DJ LeMahieu, 3B, NYYPiacenti
24.1Tyler Anderson, P, LAAPiacenti
24.2Cal Quantrill, P, CLEClegg
24.3Austin Hays, OF, BALWhite
24.4Mitch Keller, P, PITMarcano
24.5Carlos Carrasco, P, NYMEntrekin
24.6Kenta Maeda, P, MINFast
24.7Eric Lauer, P, MILBehrens
24.8Travis d'Arnaud, C, ATLTowers
24.9Daniel Bard, P, COLBoggis
24.1Noah Syndergaard, P, LADLaghezza
24.11Oswald Peraza, SS, NYYSanchez
24.12Justin Steele, P, CHCTrussell
25.1Jose Leclerc, P, TEXTrussell
25.2Hayden Wesneski, P, CHCSanchez
25.3Jean Segura, 2B, MIALaghezza
25.4Joey Bart, C, SFBoggis
25.5James Karinchak, P, CLETowers
25.6Yoan Moncada, 3B, CHWBehrens
25.7Brendan Donovan, 2B, STLFast
25.8Aaron Civale, P, CLEEntrekin
25.9Nick Pivetta, P, BOSMarcano
25.1Alex Wood, P, SFWhite
25.11Brandon Marsh, OF, PHIClegg
25.12Michael Brantley, OF, HOUPiacenti
26.1Mike Zunino, C, CLEPiacenti
26.2Andrew Painter, P, PHIClegg
26.3Liam Hendriks, P, CHWWhite
26.4Logan O'Hoppe, C, LAAMarcano
26.5Isaac Paredes, 3B, TBEntrekin
26.6Mike Yastrzemski, OF, SFFast
26.7Brett Baty, 3B, NYMBehrens
26.8Oswaldo Cabrera, OF, NYYTowers
26.9Jack Flaherty, P, STLBoggis
26.1Kyle Bradish, P, BALLaghezza
26.11Jose Urquidy, P, HOUSanchez
26.12Randal Grichuk, OF, COLTrussell
27.1Daniel Hudson, P, LADTrussell
27.2Matt Mervis, 1B, (N/A)Sanchez
27.3Avisail Garcia, OF, MIALaghezza
27.4Trey Mancini, 1B, CHCBoggis
27.5Luis Garcia, 2B, WSHTowers
27.6Charlie Blackmon, OF, COLBehrens
27.7Michael Kopech, P, CHWFast
27.8Elias Diaz, C, COLEntrekin
27.9Jack Suwinski, OF, PITMarcano
27.1Andrew McCutchen, OF, PITWhite
27.11Adam Duvall, OF, BOSClegg
27.12Rafael Montero, P, HOUPiacenti
28.1Spencer Torkelson, 1B, DETPiacenti
28.2John Schreiber, P, BOSClegg
28.3Eduardo Rodriguez, P, DETWhite
28.4Nolan Jones, OF, COLMarcano
28.5Craig Kimbrel, P, PHIEntrekin
28.6Kolten Wong, 2B, SEAFast
28.7Aaron Bummer, P, CHWBehrens
28.8Alex Kirilloff, OF, MINTowers
28.9Josh Donaldson, 3B, NYYBoggis
28.1Brandon Pfaadt, P, ARILaghezza
28.11Andrew Chafin, P, ARISanchez
28.12Juan Yepez, OF, STLTrussell
29.1Ross Stripling, P, SFTrussell
29.2Taijuan Walker, P, PHISanchez
29.3Clarke Schmidt, P, NYYLaghezza
29.4Jorge Lopez, P, MINBoggis
29.5Spencer Steer, CI, CINTowers
29.6Eric Haase, C, DETBehrens
29.7Seranthony Dominguez, P, PHIFast
29.8Royce Lewis, SS, MINEntrekin
29.9Daniel Vogelbach, UT, NYMMarcano
29.1Alex Vesia, P, LADWhite
29.11Lance McCullers Jr., P, HOUClegg
29.12Chas McCormick, OF, HOUPiacenti