If you're like me, many of the hours of your day are spent on the couch watching sports. NBA, MLB, WNBA, NCAA, NFL Draft rumors even the new XFL league, as long as someone is keeping score I'm pretty much interested. After an NBA player tested positive for the coronavirus, the league shut down, which spiraled into many leagues and tournaments shutting down completely or pausing their seasons with the hopes of returning eventually. 

The health and safety of players, coaches, media members, fans and the general public is what's most important, and with these safety precautions came cancelations of games millions of people tune into every day. 

Now the world has stopped, taking sports along with it, and most are self-quarantining or at the least social distancing to attempt to stop the spread of this rather unknown and aggressive virus, people are left wondering what to do without games every night.

During the quarantine, and while most state's bars, restaurants, shops and movie theaters are shut down, not to mention people not having any sports to watch, people are trying to find ways to keep them from going stir crazy. 

Here are some sports movies to watch so you can still get that sports fix while leagues are shut down:

  1. Miracle

The obvious choice, but no sports movie list is complete without it. If you are feeling drab and want something uplifting, inspirational, exciting and a million other positive adjectives, then this is your movie. Great moments are born from great opportunity and what you have here tonight readers is a great opportunity to watch this movie again and distract yourself from everything else.

2. Remember the Titans

Another movie that should never be left off any sports movie list. One of the greatest of its kind and one I personally could watch over and over again. If you've seen this movie it is always worth a re-watch and if you haven't seen this movie you need to stop reading this article right now and put it on. 

3. Blind Side

Who doesn't love a Sandra Bullock movie? Pair that with a sports movie that is emotional, funny and based on a true story and you have a winner. 

4. Space Jam

This one is not based on a true story, well as far as we know, but it is perfect if you want to get nostalgic. Space Jam 2 is also in the works, so it's a good time to prep for that coming out.

5. Moneyball

Baseball fans were all ready for this season, and now rumors are it could be as long as July until we see Opening Day. This sports drama will fill that baseball void for a while and is another one based on a true story. It tells the tale of how the Oakland A's reinvented baseball and stars Brad Pitt and Jonah Hill.

6. Air Bud

Find me a better athlete than Air Bud and I'll have to call you a liar. Air Bud has about a billion movies and is the perfect choice if you want to be transported back to simpler days. It is also a good choice if you are stuck inside with children and want to pick a sports movie they will show interest in. 

7. Angels in the Outfield

Angels in the Outfield is one of the most underrated sports movies. It tells the story of an angel that shows up to help the actual Angels make a championship run after a foster child's dad says he will bring his family back together if the team makes the World Series. 

8. Dodgeball

If comedy is what you're after, look no further. This underdog story has classic lines, hilarious scenes and is a story of trying to turn your luck around.

9. The Longest Yard

The Longest Yard is the first of two Adam Sandler sports comedies on the list. The guy likes making them I guess. For those who are not familiar with the plot, it follows a competition of teams in jail in a matchup between Sandler's character, who is an ex-professional QB, and the tough competition with corrupt refs getting in the way.

10. Happy Gilmore

And here is the older Sandler flick. If silly/ridiculous comedy is more your style, this is a great selection. The wanna-be hockey player turned golfer tries to shock the world and win a golf tournament to earn money to help his grandmother.

11. Coach Carter

This award-winning film is based on a true story about Richmond High School basketball coach Ken Carter and his journey to turn the team into a winning program. 

12. 42

42 is the story of Jackie Robinson and the racism that impacted the country and the sports world. His story of dedication to creating a better future for others in the league is one all should familiarize themselves with, and this movie is a good way to do so.

13. Hoosiers

This story is a good fill for anyone looking to watch basketball during this NBA pause. It is a story of a coach who gets another chance after he is hired to run the basketball program in a town in Indiana. 

14. Glory Road

Glory road is based on a true story about what lead up to the 1966 NCAA University Division Basketball Championship. It follows a coach of the 1966 Texas Western Miners, Don Haskins, who ignores race while building a team, upsetting some people in the area.

15. Championships

In these times without sports, looking back on moments when your favorite team won it all is another fantastic option. As a Boston sports fan, I have a lot to choose from, and while others may not have as many championships to sift through and re-watch during this downtime, there has to be at least a few to pick from across your city's sports teams.

16. Cars

Alright, this is not an obvious sports movie, but was a submission sent in by my sister that I feel should be included. While it may not be the first movie you think of when you hear "sports classics," this animated trilogy is sort of NASCAR-inspired and does give us that nail-biting finish that most sports classics have. 

17. High School Musical

OK, hear me out. There is basketball in this movie and like other sports movies it does lead up to an intense and important game. Shoutout to my mother for this addition to the list. 

Hopefully, this list reminded you of some classics you want to watch again or gave you some new ones to rent or stream. Stay safe, wash your hands and enjoy some sports flicks.