I hope your tissues are ready, because this story is incredibly touching. Justin Gallegos is a cross-country runner at Oregon who has cerebral palsy, but he isn't letting that bring him down. Gallegos aspires to run a half marathon (13 miles) in under two hours. And now, he has a little bit of extra support.

At the conclusion of one of his college races, the Oregon team was gathered together for a special announcement. The announcement was from a Nike rep, and it was that Gallegos is being signed by Nike. It makes him the first athlete with cerebral palsy to join Nike.

The clip is incredibly raw, and you've got to love Gallegos' reaction.

Nike has deep ties to the Oregon area. It was founded by Oregon track and cross- country athlete Phil Knight and his coach, Bill Bowerman, in 1964. There's a reason Oregon has tons of different looks in football every year. But Gallegos is joining elite company with this contract, and it's well-earned.

"One of your teammates has been working pretty hard the last couple of years," the Nike representative began. "And Nike has recognized that, so today, I am presenting a Nike contract to be an official Nike athlete." At this announcement, Gallegos broke down -- and so did everyone watching.