American Mitchie Brusco is leaving his mark in skateboarding, successfully executing the first ever 1260, three-and-a-half full revolutions, in the sport at the X Games. 

After Brusco landed the 1260 the crowd and the commentators went wild to celebrate the historic display. One broadcaster reacts saying, "What is going on?!" The 22-year-old on the other hand looks calm, cool and collected after completing the daunting trick. 

"Mitchie Brusco goes where no person has gone before," one announcer exclaims, noting the significance of the performance they just saw.  

Afterwards Brusco, wearing his newest medal, discusses what the experience was like was and how he feels now. He says on his approach, "I don't know it just kinda worked." He also noted that he was still trying to process the whole thing. 

When you make history icons notice, and that's what happened with the young skateboarder who had skateboarding icon Tony Hawk congratulating him on Twitter. Hawk said the accomplishment left him "speechless."

Brusco is no stranger to causing a crowd reaction and has been making his mark on the sport for years. In 2011 he became the third skateboarder to land a 900 in a Big Air contest and in 2013 he became the second in history to land a 1080 successfully on the MegaRamp.