Raccoon steals iPhone 4 at golf course

Gotta watch out for those raccoons on your local muni. (GettyImages)

Stop me if you've heard this before: a small, possibly furry animal tortures golfers at local golf course.

No, Bill Murray is not involved, but a raccoon in Palm Beach County is doing some damage of his own, recently stealing an iPhone 4 from golfer Briak Acker.

According to the South Florida Sun-Sentinel Acker lost his phone while playing a round, came back to the course later to find it, and, after turning the GPS tracker on, realized it was up in a racoon nest in a tree. 

No word yet on if any caddies sought to get the raccoon tossed from the course for having a cell phone.

A course worker eventually knocked the phone down from the nest and retrieved it for Acker. General manager Mac Hood said the event was all in a day's work,

It created a little excitement. We just have to live out here with our furry friends.

And if you think any of this is a joke, just watch the video below.

Also, good to see Andy Reid has found work as a Sun-Sentinel writer after being fired from the Philadelphia Eagles. 

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