After Bryce Harper's megadeal with the Phillies, Angels superstar Mike Trout was asked on Friday about his own contract situation. The 27-year-old is still two years away from entering the open market, but the speculation about the possibility of the Angels pursuing another extension is quickly picking up steam.

Trout told reporters that he does not want to negotiate a new contract during spring training or the regular season. Here's what he said, according to's Maria Torres and The Athletic's Fabian Ardaya:

Ardaya later clarified that Trout prefers not to negotiate during spring training or the regular season, though that doesn't mean a deal can't happen. He would rather focus on baseball.

Trout's comments do not necessarily signify a big change in his situation, but it is worth noting that Trout has been extremely hush and non-committal regarding his future with the Angels. It's also no secret he's a lifelong Philly sports fan. With Harper and Manny Machado both signed to new teams, all eyes are now on Trout and what he will do as his contract is nearing expiration. The stakes are high, and next offseason is looking like it will be the best time for the Angels to lock down the franchise's best player.