Dodgers first baseman and Team Mexico headliner Adrian Gonzalez recently wrapped up another run in the World Baseball Classic (scores, schedule, standings). So did Mr. Gonzalez enjoy his experience in the 2017 WBC? Consider this to be your final answer ... 

Not much ambiguity there. Part of this may be frustration at having his spring routine interrupted, but part of it no doubt stems from Mexico’s controversial exit from the tournament and the almost inscrutable tiebreaker rules that led to said exit. (Never mind for the moment that Team Mexico has only itself to blame for soiling the linens against an inferior Italy squadron.) So all of that is probably underpinning Gonzalez’s comments. 

Care to walk back those harsh words, Mr. Gonzalez?

No, he does not. 

Look, Gonzalez will be 38 years old by the time the next WBC rolls around, so it’s possible he wouldn’t have signed up anyway. However, those tiebreaker rules and the way in which they worked against A-Gon’s team seem to have cinched it.