Are you a fan of Major League Baseball, collecting bobbleheads and "Game of Thrones?" I know these people exist because I'm one of them. For those of us in this camp, here's some pretty outstanding news: There are MLB-themed "Game of Thrones" bobbleheads now available via the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum and 

In total, there were initially 90 bobbleheads (keep going for an update on this front!). Each MLB team originally had three, one each of a mascot sitting on the Iron Throne, an ice dragon with a team logo and the Night King. Here's a sampling of the three: 



The bobbleheads are manufactured by FOCO and officially licensed by MLB and HBO. 

The Night King bobbleheads are $45 each and the Ice Dragon and Iron Throne bobbleheads are $60 each. They are available at the Bobblehead Hall of Fame's online store and on On, you can use "Thrones15" as a promo code to get 15 percent off orders of three or more bobbles. 


There are now more! Three more per team, in fact. Each team has a ...

Direwolf (there are few still alive, after all)




White Walker


OK, so there are some perfect combinations here. Grab the ice dragon, Night King and White Walker from your favorite team. Or go with the Iron Throne and a kingsguard. It's hard to go wrong with a direwolf, either, especially flanked by Longclaw (the Valyrian steel sword we've seen wielded by Jon Snow for quite a while). 

The final season of "Game of Thrones" debuted on HBO on April 14. There are still five more episodes. Get excited, people.