Yankees longtime shortstop Derek Jeter is likely to enter the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum next year when he's listed on the Hall of Fame ballot for the first time, in front of what easily could be the largest crowd Cooperstown has ever seen. But, there might be two familiar faces missing from the audience. Hall of Famers Andre Dawson and Tony Perez told Bleacher Report's Scott Miller that they are considering boycotting Jeter's induction ceremony. Jeter fired both Dawson and Perez from their special assistant positions with the Miami Marlins, when his ownership group took over in September 2017.

Here's what Dawson told Miller:

"I sincerely doubt [that I will attend] at this point," Dawson told Bleacher Report last weekend, when the 2019 class was inducted. "All indications are likely not. ... I can't speak for Tony. But I don't have a sense or feeling like I want to sit on that stage to hear what [Jeter] has to say."

And Perez said he reached a decision but is reluctant to announce it a full year in advance. Perez said that if he does boycott the ceremony, he will make it known that he is staying away because of Jeter. More from Perez:

"It wasn't nice, what happened at the end," Perez said. "For me it was more than insult personally the way everything was handled," Dawson said. "Even with the kind of offer they made going forward. I just felt disrespected, in a sense. I have a lot of pride. For me, that's kind of where I am with that whole process. It is what it is. I understand going forward it's a decision they made; it's their money, their team, but I've got to look out for my pride and welfare also."

Jeter had asked outgoing Marlins president David Samson to fire the employees for him. When the news broke, there was backlash among Miami fans, so Dawson and Perez were offered their old jobs back, but at a significant salary cut and the pair had to agree that they were going to stay out of the clubhouse and not dress in uniform as instructors during spring training. Both admitted that Jeter did not reach out to them after the firings.

More from Miller:

"It was ... a proposition to turn down so they could move forward," Dawson said. "I would have had no problem at all with them just saying, 'Look, we're going in a different direction and it's not going to look too positive going forward.' And I can understand that. It's just the way the whole thing was handled.

"And it was handled by someone that's not an owner ... who I've been friends with since he's been in the organization. And I know it was uncomfortable for him because body language tells everything. That's the issue I had."

Perez, 77, was inducted into the Hall of Fame in 2000 and he currently does not have a job in MLB. Dawson, 65, was inducted into the Hall in 2010, and he was hired by the Cubs as a special assistant a few months after he was let go by Miami.

The Marlins are 32-62 on the season with a minus-100 run differential. Jeter shared his frustrations about the team with the media back in May, just a day after he fired the president of business operations Chip Bowers, who joined the Marlins just 14 months ago after serving as the chief marketing officer of the Golden State Warriors.