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Philadelphia Phillies star Bryce Harper certainly wasn't happy with how his first at-bat transpired in Wednesday's game against the San Francisco Giants.

Harper ended up being struck out by Giants starting pitcher Kyle Harrison on six pitches. Following the strikeout, Harper could be been smashing his bat in the Phillies' dugout.

Harper struck the bat several times against the bench and pieces of the bat even began flying around the dugout.

Later in the game, Harper was the subject of even more hostility between the two teams. In an at-bat in the fourth inning, Harrison threw a pair of pitches that were high and tight on Harper with one striking the knob of Harper's bat. As a result, the Phillies dugout was enraged as a result of the multiple inside pitches, and the benches ended up clearing.

The bullpens also cleared in the altercation, but cooler heads prevailed as both teams eventually retreated back to their respective dugouts. 

Harper finished the day going 1-for-5 with an RBI single that scored catcher Garrett Stubbs in the eighth inning. It marked the first hit for Harper in four games.

The Phillies also got back on track with a 6-1 win after losing three consecutive games for the first time this season.