There's never a bad time to take a nap. Just ask Chicago White Sox manager Tony La Russa.

Shortly after Monday's game between the White Sox and Kansas City Royals got underway, NBC Sports Chicago cameras panned to La Russa sitting in the dugout. Despite being at work, La Russa appeared to almost be napping in the dugout.

You can see that La Russa does open his eyes towards the end of the clip, but he was clearly fighting to stay awake shortly after the game began. 

The White Sox ended up falling to the Royals, 2-1, in a very low-scoring affair. Royals shortstop Whit Merrifield and catcher Salvador Perez provided solo home runs to lift Kansas City to victory. It also marked the third loss in five games for the White Sox, who currently sit three games behind the Minnesota Twins for first place in the American League Central.

Make no mistake about it, the Major League Baseball season is a long one and certainly can feel like a marathon at times. However, La Russa was fighting off sleep shortly after the game got underway -- and he was at work. It appears that he was very close to nodding off this time around, and there are still plenty of games left for the White Sox to play...