Ben Gamel has his Red Bull pregame ritual, but Ryan Braun can now do him one better. The Brewers' outfielder was playing a fly ball at Citi Field on Sunday, and as he tried to scale the wall to make a play (that he ended up misplaying, for what it's worth), an excited Mets fans accidentally leaned over and spilled a beer on him.

Now, if you've ever been doused in beer, you know it's not that fun of an experience, and it's hard to imagine Braun felt great coming down. With that being said, at least he had a hat.

Braun took it in stride, laughing with the fan after the drop. The ball came off the bat of Pete Alonso, who told reporters after the game: "If I could, I would have bought [the fan] a beer. The Mets need to get that guy a beer for sure."

The Mets would go on to win 5-2 to close out their three-game series against the Brewers. And they gave Braun a little parting gift in the process. Hopefully the fan gets a free beer out of it -- that stuff is expensive at the ballpark.