Friday night, the Los Angeles Dodgers kicked off the 2018 MLB Mexico Series with a combined no-hitter over the San Diego Padres (LA 4, SD 0) at Estadio de Beisbol in Monterrey. The Mexico Series is part of MLB's efforts to grow the game globally with series outside the United States and Toronto.

Commissioner Rob Manfred sat in for interviews with both television broadcasts during Friday's game, and while discussing the possibility of expansion, he acknowledged MLB 'would like to get to 32" teams at some point in the future. 

This certainly isn't the first time Manfred has discussed the possibility of adding two new teams to the league. He talked about it back in 2016 -- he named Mexico City and Montreal as possible destinations at that time -- and last summer he added Charlotte as a possibility. A former Nike executive is making a push to bring a team to Portland.

The benefits of adding two new teams are obvious. It creates new revenue streams, it brings baseball to new markets, it creates renewed interest around the country, and it would presumably even out the two leagues at 16 teams apiece and eliminate the need for non-stop interleague play. As for the MLBPA, adding two new teams creates 50 new jobs, so the union would be all for it.

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers at San Diego Padres
Mexico is an expansion location possibility according to commissioner Rob Manfred. USATSI

Manfred has continued to maintain, however, that before the league can expand, they have to get the ballpark situations settled for the Tampa Bay Rays and Oakland Athletics. MLB has to take care of the teams already in the league before bringing in two new clubs. The Rays and A's desperately need new modern ballparks.

For now, expansion is not imminent -- there's a long process for reviewing ownership bids and ballpark proposals, things like that -- but it is definitely something on Manfred's mind. His No. 1 goal since taking over as commissioner has been growing the game, and expansion is a logical step in the process.