With Nike taking over as the official outfitter of MLB uniforms next season, we'll be seeing the swoosh branded on all jerseys starting in 2020. We'll also be seeing it branded on plenty of new looks across baseball, as plenty of teams are utilizing the new partnership as opportunity to refresh their uniforms and bring some exciting new changes in the fashion department. 

Several teams have wasted little time in unveiling new uniforms for the upcoming season; some of them have chosen to roll out entire new sets while others are just dipping their toes into the pool with a new jersey or two. More updates are expected to come as we make our way deeper into the offseason.

Some early rollouts seem to suggest that there might be an emphasis on injecting more color into the landscape of baseball uniforms. There also seems to be more sleeve striping than we've seen across the league in recent years. Both of these things will likely be viewed as positives for many, but you can judge for yourself. 

Let's take a look at some of the uniform changes that have been unveiled so far this winter.

Arizona Diamondbacks

If you weren't paying close attention you might not even notice that the Diamondbacks made some changes to their uniforms for 2020. They've removed the gradient pattern on the shoulders and sides and will no longer wear the dark gray road jerseys. Pretty good changes all around.

Cincinnati Reds

The Reds unveiled a new red alternate jersey earlier this offseason and it features the scripted 'Reds' wordmark across the chest along with the awesome Mr. Redlegs logo patch on the sleeve. 

Milwaukee Brewers

The Brewers are FINALLY bringing back the ball-in-glove (with the hidden MB) logo full-time, though it will come with some minor alterations and twists of modern. With the logo comes an entirely new set of jerseys -- including a retro-inspired cream home primary, a pinstriped home alternate, a navy road jersey and a gray road jersey. Milwaukee completely knocked it out of the park with this timeless re-brand. 

Minnesota Twins

The Twins have switched up their jerseys quite a bit in recent years but many people will be thrilled to know that they're bringing back powder blue alternates for this upcoming season. The look will be worn both at home and on the road next season and is a throwback to the blues that the Twins wore in the 70s and 80s.

San Diego Padres

Brown is back, baby. The Padres have finally caved and fully committed to bringing back the brown and gold in 2020. They unveiled a full new set of uniforms that include pinstriped home jerseys, a brown road jersey as well as a sand road alternate. They'll also be bringing back two different camouflage jerseys as well as the Swinging Friar alternate logo.

Texas Rangers

As the Rangers transition into a new era in a new ballpark in 2020, they'll also be wearing a completely new set of uniforms. Their new home whites feature a scripted 'Rangers' wordmark across the chest, not unlike the one the team wore from 1984-1993. (It seems they'll be wearing red hats with that jersey even though the primary color on the wordmark is blue.) They'll also be sporting a new two-tone hat with a "TX" logo. And, like the Twins, the Rangers will also have a powder blue alternate jersey, one that will accompanied by matching hats and pants. Each of the new uniforms will feature red, white and blue striping on the sleeves.

Many teams will be sticking with a similar look for 2020 but all jerseys will now feature the Nike swoosh on the front. That may take some getting used to, especially for some of the more classic jerseys across the league. The Yankees and Cubs are two of the most prime examples, especially because the Nike logo is located completely opposite the team logo.


This upcoming season will be the first of a 10-year partnership between Nike and MLB.