Way back in March, before the season started, we ran through a pretty huge list of the new ballpark food items for the season. The days of just hot dogs and popcorn and long gone. The atmosphere isn't the only thing different at the ballpark in October. Some concession stands of playoff teams are rolling out new items for the postseason. Let's take a look and let our mouths water.

(All descriptions and photos via Delaware North)

Target Field (Twins)

  • Kepler Derfest Burger - Quarter-pound beef burger, Kramarczuk's bratwurst, beer mustard, sauerkraut, swiss cheese, served on a pretzel roll.
Delaware North
  • Grand Salami - Two-foot pretzel bat, salami, capicola, mortadella, provolone cheese, roasted red peppers and arugula.
Delaware North
  • Bomba Brat - Two-foot Kramarczuk's bratwurst, seasoned kraut and spicy mustard.
Delaware North
  • Twins Torta - Adobo chicken, refried beans, chipotle corn and peppers, cotija and pepperjack cheese and avocado.
Delaware North

Busch Stadium (Cardinals)

  • Bud BBQ Pulled Pork Burger – Budweiser BBQ tops a juicy fresh hamburger with Pulled Pork, Pub Cheese and pickles.
Delaware North
  • Shrimp Queso Fiesta Nacho – A bed of Nacho chips covered with our Shrimp Queso cheese with roasted corn, diced red peppers, diced green chiles and Cholula hot sauce.   
Delaware North

SunTrust Park (Braves)

  • Southern Sidewinder - One pound & 18 inches of house made pork, Pimento Cheese, and Jalapeno sausage rope served with vinegar slaw and Pimento Mac & Cheese.
Delaware North
  • Grand Slamich - Sliced ham & cheese in crosscut French Toast, served toasted with powdered sugar, whipped topping and a pecan dusting.
Delaware North
  • The Biggest Darn Steak - Literally expanding on the popularity of the 'Best Darn Steak Sandwich in Baseball' this shareable sandwich is 2lbs of grilled beef tenderloin, with 4 marinated Portobello mushrooms, dressed with arugula, crispy onion strings, and chunky bleu cheese sauce.  All set atop 12 Hawaiian rolls.
Delaware North

Is the excess truly excessive? Never! Keep the big ticket items coming, MLB concessions. 

Now here's hoping the rest of the postseason is as exciting as it was Tuesday night