It doesn't take many ingredients to create a good conspiracy theory, and in the case of the biggest blockbuster trade in recent memory, we have a mere three ... 

  1. Derek Jeter is the CEO of the Miami Marlins.
  2. Jeter was a legendary shortstop for the New York Yankees for 20 seasons. 
  3. Jeter just oversaw a trade that sent reigning NL MVP Giancarlo Stanton from the Marlins to the Yankees.

That, people, is all it takes for onlookers to latch onto the most sinister of explanations and, in the timeless words of Ron Gardenhire, just fire it through the internet. What follows are some notable examples of this phenomenon fired through the part of the internet known as Twitter.

Come with us, won't you?

To recap: Jeter oversaw the trade of a great player to his former team, and the People of the Internet are ON IT.