Reds leadoff hitters rank dead last in the major leagues with a .247 on-base percentage.

Any guesses what the Reds' top priority is on this month's trade market?

It's not a trick question. The Reds badly need a leadoff hitter, and that's what they're looking for.

Two names that have been discussed: Shane Victorino and Juan Pierre of the Phillies.

Victorino is likely to be dealt this month, and the Phillies could find a decent market for him. Besides the Reds, he's also a decent fit for the Yankees and Dodgers, among others.

Even in a subpar season, Victorino has a .316 on-base percentage this year for the Phillies, which would make him a big upgrade over Zack Cozart or Drew Stubbs in the leadoff spot.

The Phillies would also like to trade Pierre, in part so they can give regular playing time to John Mayberry Jr. and find out for sure whether or not he can handle it. Pierre has a .354 on-base percentage this season.

The switch-hitting Victorino and the left-handed hitting Pierre would also help address the current imbalance in the Reds lineup. With Joey Votto on the disabled list, the Reds currently have only one left-handed hitter (and no switch-hitters) among position players on their active roster.