The general managers' meetings are taking place right now and when it comes to this event and the Winter Meetings, you can always count on the polarizing mega-agent Scott Boras to hold court and come through with a bunch of one-liners. A cursory Twitter search on Wednesday turns up Boras going with a pun about the Miami fans being "MIA" in attendance and him saying of his biggest client, Bryce Harper, that "Harper's (B)azaar has begun. 

Such things are harmless fun and not really newsworthy. This could be, though. The Mets just hired a now-former agent to be their general manager: Brodie Van Wagenen. He was the agent of Mets pitchers Noah Syndergaard and Jacob deGrom, among others. Though Boras' stature is that of the top agent in the game, Van Wagenen was his competitor just a few weeks ago. Apparently, Boras didn't think much of his competition: 

The Wilpons, of course, are the Mets' ownership group and are seen as a meddlesome bunch. This could be less Boras having a problem with Van Wagenen and more believing he could much more easily pull one over on Fred Wilpon than a former agent. Keep in mind, Boras has been known to go straight to owners in order to get big contracts signed. One big example was going to the late, great Mike Ilitch and convincing him to sign Prince Fielder to a nine-year, $214 million deal when the Tigers had Miguel Cabrera at first base. 

Of course, it's also possible Boras just really doesn't like Van Wagenen and refuses to talk to him. 

Van Wagenen met with reporters at the GM meetings shortly after Boras did. He had a different recollection of his history with Boras.

Whatever is going on here, Boras wins again. He's being talked about.