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The most notable thing to come from Friday night's Dodgers-Rockies tilt in Coors Field was Trevor Bauer's Dodgers' debut. He actually took a no-hitter into the seventh inning. Once that was wrecked and the Rockies tried to crawl back into the game, a cat decided to get in on the action. He or she ran by Corey Seager and then settled in the outfield in the vicinity of Cody Bellinger. Roll the footage! 

The open mouth there appears to be more some serious breath-catching than it does hissing at possible threats to safety, but it could be both. As any cat people here would attest, a puffed-out tail is a sign of anger for the cat in question and it appears this one is feisty. 

This cat isn't nearly as famous as the Monday Night Football cat, but that doesn't make him or her any less lovable. I like the spunk. 

Perhaps one day I'll understand how this happens. In the case of the cat, grit, determination, obliviousness and diminutive frame are surely on the list of traits. Coincidence? Of course. Beyond that, who really knows or cares? It's weird and fun. Sit back and enjoy.