This 2017 season has been one for the ages when it comes to home runs. It seems like every day in September we're treated to some stat about how a player has done something we've never seen before or only seen a few times before. Here is another entry into that notebook. 

Dodgers rookie Cody Bellinger homered on Friday. (SF-LAD GameTracker.) Here you go: 

That was Bellinger's 39th bomb of the season and while he's one away from the 40 mark many of us hold in high regard, he's now a record-holder. No rookie in the National League has ever reached 39 homers before. Bellinger has set the mark, breaking the long-standing NL rookie record of Hall of Famer Frank Robinson (1956) and Wally Berger (1930). 

The MLB rookie record is 49 homers, which was done by Mark McGwire in 1987. Aaron Judge is currently four back from that. Those are the only two rookie seasons ahead of Bellinger's 39 homers. 

Pretty incredible, no? We've witnessed two of the three biggest rookie home run seasons in MLB history.