A 2000 NBA title ring that late Los Angeles Lakers star Kobe Bryant gifted to his father, Joe "Jellybean" Bryant, has sold for $927,000 at an auction. The 43-bid auction was held by Goldin Auctions and is the highest price tag ever paid for an NBA championship ring.

Bryant would go on to win five championships with the Lakers, but that 2000 ring was the only one he gave to his father. Goldin also revealed that this is the identical copy that was given to Bryant and it included an etching saying "BRYANT' with an 11 1/2 size and a total weight of 59.6 grams.

The ring was consigned to Goldin back in 2013 by Joe and Pam Bryant, selling for $173,000 at that time.

This time around, the 2013 buyer decided to consign the ring. It included a letter of authenticity from the Bryant family so that the buyer and auction house knew that they were getting a legitimate ring.

While this is a record for NBA title ring, it doesn't hold the record that was paid for a sports championship ring. Actor Charlie Sheen sold New York Yankees legend Babe Ruth's 1927 World Series ring for $2.09 million in 2017.